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Take Control of Your Affiliate Links This is a Sales Page for a $49/Month Affiliate Marketing Wordpress Plugin. A Revolutionary Way To Crush it With Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy A Wordpress Plugin Developed in PHP That Manages Affiliate Links

LASSO is an advanced Wordpress plugin that manages your affiliate links and helps you monetize your site more effectively. It's similar to PrettyLinks, Thirsty Affiliates, Easy Azon, and AAWP. We highlighted additional features those other plugins don't have in the video and the rest of this page. We're changing the world for affiliate marketers with this mind-blowing Wordpress platform that'll scale your business and disrupt your space. LASSO utilizes Custom Post Types in Wordpress to create and manage affiliate links. It also scans the wp_posts table and creates a database of your existing internal and external links so you can easily convert those links into affiliate links using a Javascript powered 3-state toggle.

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Keep a Tight Inventory of All Your Affiliate Links The Goal Of This Section is to Show you a More Organized Way of Managing Affiliate Links An Innovative Solution to Visualize a Curated List of Your Profitable Affiliate Links An HTML Table of Your Affiliate URLs Generated by a Simple MySQL Query

See where they appear on your site by clicking the "Links" dropdown. This is an example of a few affiliate links. We want you to imagine these are YOUR affiliate links. When you click the glowing "Links" dropdown, there will be examples of where these affiliate links appear on your site. Again, we want you to imagine these are YOUR affiliate links appearing on YOUR posts. We removed the frustrating pain point of affiliate link organization. Click the "Links" dropdown to see where your monetized affiliate links magically appear on your site all in one stunning view. By clicking the CSS-animated flashing "Links" dropdown Javascript toggle, you'll see a sub-table, generated by another more complex MySQL query, of where those affiliate links appear on your posts.

ConvertKitConvertKit: Email Marketing Software For Creators3
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Redesigning My Email Marketing Funnels with ConvertKit started using ConvertKitMonetize
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Add Affiliate Link Display Boxes to Your Content This Part Illustrates our Affiliate Link Display Box Feature That We Assume Drives More Conversions. But We Don't Have Enough Data to Support That Claim Experience Hockey Stick Growth By Increasing Engagement On Your Affiliate Links With Our Transparent Display Boxes We've Added a Button To The Wordpress TinyMCE That Adds a Shortcode to Your Posts Which Produces a Custom HTML Display Box via a PHP Function on Your Live Site

Make your links stand out to drive more conversions. Click the cactus to add a custom affiliate display box. When you hit "Click Here" it's gonna show you what an affiliate link display box would look like on your site. But actually, LASSO adds a shortcode to your Wordpress editor that looks like this: [lasso ref="convertkit" id="4952"]. However, when you visit the live post, it'll look like what you see below. We had to take some creative liberties in order to highlight this feature. Accelerate your conversion metrics! Click the cactus to activate an affiliate link display box on your posts and pages for the ultimate experience. Click the flashing "Click Here" button to see a Javascript animation of an affiliate link display box appear between the gray HTML lines. This simulates how the display box will look on your live website when the shortcode is processed via a PHP function.

Your Website
Howdy, You
Click here
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Add a Display Box


Turn Any External Link Into An Affiliate Link Here We Demonstrate How You Can Literally Change Any Link On Your Site Into an Affiliate Link With a Toggle Gamify Your Site By Instantly Converting Any Link Into a Monetized Affiliate Link to Improve Your ROI Slide The Javascript Toggle Right to Replace The Current URL with a New Affiliate URL

Toggle right to convert any external link into an affiliate link from your inventory. We don't show this, but when you toggle to the right, a popup shows with a list of all your affiliate links. You can pick any one, and it'll change the URL of that link to your new affiliate link. Honestly, we think this is the coolest feature of LASSO. Try it for yourself. In the LASSO ecosystem, you can simply toggle any link into an affiliate link, completely changing the way you monetize your brand. Our 3-state Javascript toggle triggers a modal allowing you to choose an affiliate URL from the LASSO database and replaces the current URL within the herf variable into the new affiliate URL selected. The Link Ratio Bar is a dynamic count of how many external, internal, and monetized links are found on that post. And the Suggestions badge is a count generated by a MySQL query of the number of links or keywords that could be replaced by LASSO controlled URLs.

Post TitleLink RatioLinks
How to Build Your Email List to 1,000 Subscribers3
Anchor TextLink TypeAction
try using ConvertKitExternal
try using ConvertKitExternal

The Link Ratio Bar

This bar shows you a quick glimpse of how many links are on your post or page. Purple is External links, blue is Internal links, and green is Monetized links with LASSO.

The Suggestion Count

This tells you how many external links or keywords could be monetized with LASSO. Use the "Links" dropdown to see what those are and either Monetize or Ignore them.

Ready to Monetize Your Website Efficiently? We Want You to Buy and Download LASSO Ready to Become The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Rockstar Ninja? Create a Account via Auth0 and Enter Your Credit Card Information via Stripe To Download and Install The LASSO Plugin

Install LASSO on your site and start finding new affiliate link opportunities to increase your monthly revenue. No more sales copy needed. We want you pay for LASSO now. Start grinding out that killer hustle by investing in extreme business growth TODAY! When you click this button, you'll be sent to a Python-based user creation script using Auth0 to set up a free account. Then, you'll be presented with an monthly and annual buying option powered by a Stripe modal.

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LASSO Can Do a Whole Lot More! A List of Additional Features We Hope Will Convince You To Give Us Money For This Plugin Game-Changing Deliverables To Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Workflow Smaller Features We've Integrated Into Our Code Base

We made LASSO a complete suite of affiliate marketing tools to increase conversions and revenue. Every SaaS page has a grid of features, so we thought we would do the same for some of our least sexy benefits. Deep dive your way into these additional features and benefits to growth hack your future. LASSO is a complete suite of affiliate marketing tools we hope to expand.


Google Analytics Integration

Find out which pages and affiliate links on your site are getting the most clicks by syncing LASSO to Google Analytics. Until we build our version of an analytics dashboard, we made it easy to see click data in Google Analytics for free. We seamlessly integrate your KPIs in Google Analytics with a convergence of other vanity metrics. We send click data to Google Analytics via event tracking Javascript code.


Customizable Display Boxes

Add your own custom CSS to design the built-in affiliate link display boxes so it matches your theme. Everyone's theme is different, so we leave it up to the user to mess with the colors and shit. Tell a story with your affiliate links with our elegant solution to customize display boxes. Add custom CSS code to override existing CSS code to change the look.


Amazon Associates Integration

Search and add products from Amazon and LASSO automatically updates prices every 24 hours. Amazon is the most popular affiliate program, so this feature helps us get more customers. A synergistic approach to searching and adding products with the Amazon ecosystem. We use the Amazon Product API to allow users to use product data within LASSO.


"Pretty" URLs

Make LASSO URLs look "pretty" by adding your own custom permalink. We want this to function exactly like PrettyLinks who is a competitor. An unparalleled approach to sexifying your affiliate links. 301 redirecting to allow users to choose their own URL slug.


Import Existing Affiliate Links

Easily import affiliate links from Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, and Earnist. So it's easier for you to switch away from some of our competitors. A streamline frictionless end-to-end integration with other plugins. We scan the database tables of other plugins and copy the data into ours.


Add Custom Disclaimers

Add custom affiliate link disclaimers to display boxes for each affiliate URL. Amazon is pretty strict about adding disclaimers so we added this feature. Facilitate customer relationship transparency 100% with disclaimers. We include an HTML textbox that lets users add disclaimers to display boxes.

Get LASSO for Only $49 a month Another Section of Our Sales Page Urging You to Pay $49 a Month for LASSO Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Just $49 a Month Pay $49 a Month for LASSO via Our Stripe Account

Get dedicated customer service, new kick-ass features, and the best affiliate marketing tool out there. Again, we're a SaaS business with a subscription pricing model and we want you to pay us to use LASSO on your website. LASSO provides maximum potential value with affiliate marketing optimization. We provide excellent customer service via a G-Suite email account, consistent improved code updates, and more.

Download Now for $49/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

What affiliate programs does LASSO work with?

It works with every affiliate marketing program on the planet. And it works really well with Amazon Associates with our built-in integration.

What Happens If I Stop Paying For LASSO?

Don't worry, your links will continue to work and you can manage your current inventory of links, but you won't be able to add new affiliate links.

How Many Sites Can I Install LASSO On?

You can install it on up to 10 Wordpress sites. If you want to add more, contact us.

Can I use LASSO on non-WordPress sites?

Right now, LASSO only works on Wordpress.

Is it possible for me to migrate existing links into LASSO?

Yes, you can import from popular plugins like Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, and Earnist. We're adding more support in the future for plugins like Easy Azon, AAWP, and more.

Can I use LASSO with any WordPress theme?

Yes! LASSO works with all Wordpress themes. And you can customize the way the display box looks to match your theme.

Do you offer refunds?

Yep! Just shoot us an email and we'll issue you a refund.

Do you have an affiliate program?

You're damn right we do! What kind of affiliate software would we be if we didn't? Sign up for our affiliate program here.