How to More Than Double Your Affiliate Revenue with Link Opportunities

After using Lasso for about 1-2 months, Andrew and his team were able to more than double their affiliate revenue.

by Matt Giovanisci | Last Updated: April 11, 2020

Andrew Fiebert runs a site called Listen Money Matters all about personal finance that he started back in December 2012. His site gets about 425,000 visitors a month on average.

About 75% of the site’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing which earns roughly $29,000 a month.

Listen Money Matters Monthly Traffic Google Analytics

Listen Money Matters Monthly Affiliate Revenue Quickbooks

The Struggles of a Large Affiliate Site

This is a very large affiliate site with a lot of links. In the past, Andrew had tried plugins like SimpleURL which just cloaked his links. But he had no idea where his links were and if he had unmonetized links to his partners on his site.

He had to let the team know which links to use and the products to promote. He constantly had to watch what was being published by his team. He would catch issues and then update them on how to approach things going forward.

“It was cumbersome to announce to the team every time we created (or lost) an affiliate relationship and what we should be focusing on.”

In the personal finance space, there are a lot of companies that offer very similar products to Listen Money Matters. Andrew wanted to monetize his content with the affiliate partner that performed best with his audience.

Listen Money Matters Podcast Studio

The Listen Money Matters Podcast Studio in Hoboken, NJ.

His team didn’t have a process for improving affiliate link clicks or commissions. They had to take wild guesses and occasionally landed on the right things. However, they rarely understood why.

They were able to get some click data in Google Analytics and started to learn things like age groups that would perform well with specific affiliates. But that was all they knew.

The Team With The Right Tools

After seven years of running and growing the site, it became harder to manage. With thousands of affiliate links and no way to really control them, Andrew struggled to really increase his affiliate revenue.

But then, after searching for a solution to his problem, he had this to say about Lasso.

“It was the only tool that let me manage my inventory of monetized links from a single dashboard without having to dive into specific articles.”

This allowed his team to put their focus on creating great articles while he focused on making sure what they create earns money.

He specifically mentioned how much he loves the Affiliate Opportunities in Lasso. It helps him find both unmonetized domain mentions of existing affiliates and keyword mentions that are ripe for monetization.

But surprisingly, Lasso showed him what affiliate products were Out of stock. That was the game-changer.

Andrew and his team operate another large affiliate website that’s huge during Christmas and things sell out all the time. Before Lasso, they were playing a game of whack-a-mole with trying to guess which affiliate links were out of stock on Amazon. But now they’re alerted immediately when things are out of stock and can keep articles fresh and highly monetized when it matters most.

The Listen Money Matters Office

The Listen Money Matters Headquarters

Double The Affiliate Revenue

This turnaround happened rather quickly. Andrew saw noticeable gains in affiliate link click-through rates and conversions after installing Lasso. That said, it hasn’t been a silver bullet.

He said, “text links work great in some scenarios and rich displays work great in others.” They used Lasso’s Google Analytics integration to learn how to make the best use of each.

After using Lasso for about 1-2 months, Andrew and his team were able to more than double their affiliate revenue by understanding which partners performed best (and rolling them out site-wide). They also used Lasso to find unmonetized mentions of existing partners and building new relationships that they immediately monetized across the entire website.

Plus, The Listen Money Matters Toolbox page has always gotten a lot of compliments and copy attempts. But Andrew points out that copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

Listen Money Matters Toolbox

Finally, we asked Andrew how Lasso compares to the other tools he’s used in the past.

“There really aren’t any advanced tools out there that I’m aware of. Everything feels like it was built 10 years ago and for entry-level websites. These tools were great when we started but we would have been able to grow quite a bit quicker if we were faster at adopting a pro-level tool like Lasso.”

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