A Better Geniuslink Alternative

Lasso and Geniuslink work hand-in-hand, but Lasso has a lot of the same features as Geniuslink, plus a whole lot more control.

by Matt Giovanisci | Last Updated: April 13, 2020

The Lasso team loves Geniuslink. It was a great solution for international monetization with Amazon. But now that Amazon has updated its affiliate program to automatically do this, this key Geniuslink feature became obsolete.

Another reason we loved Geniuslink is the ability to check for broken and out-of-stock affiliate links. Lasso does that too. And the best part is you’re notified in WordPress and can fix it on the spot.

You can use Geniuslink on any CMS platform since it’s web-based. But that restricts you from having full control of your affiliate links. You won’t be able to quickly update posts and pages from one location. You’ll still have to go into each post manually.

$19/mo per site
$20/mo for 10,000 clicks
Free Trial
Live Chat Support
Link Displays Create eye-catching link displays within the content.
Display Themes Choose themes or custom css to display your affiliate links.
Link Disclaimers Add custom disclaimers to each affiliate link.
Amazon Associates Integration Add Amazon Associate product data.
Automatic Amazon Product Updates Updates Amazon product data every 24 hours.
Automatic Stock Checker Checks if an Amazon product is out of stock or unavailable.
Amazon Geolocation Sends visitors to their country's Amazon store.
Affiliate Opportunities A list of possible affiliate linking opportunities.
Automatic Link Monetization Turn any existing link into an affiliate link.
Automatic Keyword Monetization Turn any existing keyword into an affiliate link.
Affiliate Program Recommendation Recommends affiliate programs based on existing links.
Broken Link Checker Checks for broken or out-of-stock affiliate links.
Click Tracking Send click tracking data to Google Analytics.
Link Cloaking Create "pretty" urls with optional cloaking.
Optional Link Cloaking Choose which affiliate links should be cloaked.
Affiliate Link Search and Filter Search your affiliate links and filter them for fast finding.
Plugin Import Import affiliate links from other plugins or software.
Plugin Import Revert Revert any import so you're never locked in.
Link Groups Organize links by categories or groups.

Lasso can do everything that Geniuslink can do plus a whole lot more.

If you’re currently a Geniuslink user, we highly suggest giving Lasso a try for FREE. You can even use Geniuslinks with Lasso if you want. There’s literally nothing to lose by giving Lasso a shot. Heck, you might love it.

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