Stop Losing Money On Broken Affiliate Links

Every second an affiliate link is broken or out of stock, you’re losing money. Get alerts whenever an affiliate link goes bad so you can quickly fix the link and continue earning money.

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Automatic Broken Link Checker

Lasso automatically checks your affiliate links to make sure they’re earning money. If there’s a broken affiliate link on your site, you’ll get an alert so you can quickly fix the issue.

Broken Affiliate Link

Amazon Out-of-Stock Detection

With Lasso’s Amazon Integration, you’ll be alerted when a product is out of stock so you can replace it and continue to make money without missing a single second of not earning commissions.

Out of Stock Amazon Product

Runs Every 24 Hours Behind The Scenes

Most broken link checkers don’t play nice with your server which is why hosting companies ban them. They’re constantly running and slowing down your website. Lasso runs these checks on our own servers so they won’t slow down your website.

24 Hour Broken Affiliate Link Checker

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