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You have lots of affiliate links. Group yours and take control of what you offer and where.

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Keep Your Affiliate Links Organized And Easy to Find

You can create unlimited groups to organize your affiliate links. Then, it’ll make it easy to find affiliate links in the future and display them on your site.

Affiliate Link Groups

Assemble Multiple Affiliate Link Displays

When you add affiliate links into groups, you can display them as lists, grids, or galleries across your site. And if you ever want to remove a product from a display, you can do it in the group.

Display Affiliate Links in Groups

Drag and Drop Affiliate Links Ordering

When you create a group, you can re-order the affiliate links inside by dragging and dropping. So if you want a specific affiliate link to appear first in a grid display, just change the order and it’ll update across your entire site.

Reorder Affiliate URLs in Groups With Drag and Drop

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