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"If you want to take affiliate marketing seriously, you should have Performance by Lasso setup. "

Shawn Hill

Shawn Hill - Founder of The Grilling Dad

All Your Affiliate Revenue In One Place

All Your Affiliate Revenue In One Place

Consolidate all your revenue from 25+ affiliate networks, including Amazon, Impact, ShareASale, CJ, Awin, and many more.

Get all your data in one dashboard, instead of logging into 10+ accounts every morning.

Get The Complete Breakdown On Which Products Are Converting

Get The Complete Breakdown On Which Products Are Converting

Lasso's content reports show you which links on your affiliate pages get the most clicks, and which don't.

Remove the low-performers, boost the top products, and instantly earn more money.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Every time a reader clicks on a Display, Lasso will send an event to GA letting it know what happened.

See which displays are getting the most clicks, right in the Google Analytics dashboard you already use.

Get Next Level Affiliate Revenue Analytics

Consolidate your site's revenue data from all your affiliate programs. Save time and spot new trends with Lasso.

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Here's Everything You Can Do With Lasso:

Conversion Optimization

  • Optimized Affiliate Product Displays
  • Comparison Tables
  • Easy Amazon Integration
  • Product Data from Popular Brands
  • Grids
  • Lists
  • Supports Multiple Amazon Tracking IDs
  • Custom Settings to Match Your Brand
  • Multiple Display Themes to Choose From
  • Multiple CTA Buttons
  • Product Images
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Works With Any Affiliate Program
  • Pros & Cons and Custom Fields
  • Amazon Prime Indicator Badge

Link Management

  • Broken Link Alerts
  • Link Management Dashboard
  • Edit Product Details and Links
  • Link Cloaking
  • Branded Redirection
  • Custom Permalinks
  • Product Groups
  • Link by Keyword
  • Link Locations
  • Out-of-stock Alerts
  • Easy Import From Legacy Tools
  • Amazon SiteStripe Import

Affiliate Analytics

  • Consolidated Revenue Data
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Email Updates
  • CSV Export of Revenue Data
  • SiteID support for YouTube and Social links
  • No CSV or Manual Data Import Required
  • Automated Amazon Revenue Data
  • SubID Reports
  • YouTube Video-level Conversion Tracking
  • Click and View Data
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Compare Metrics for Sites, Pages, and Links
  • Author Reports
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Up to $1k in Affiliate Revenue Tracked/Month Free

Business Management

  • Amazon Tracking ID Manager
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Build Links From the Post Editor
  • Native Product Review Schema
  • Sponsored, Nofollow, and New Window Link Settings
  • Customizable Affiliate Disclosures

Industry-Leading Support

  • Done-for-you CSS Free With Advanced Plans
  • 14-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Frequent Updates

Solutions For All Your Affiliate Marketing Needs

"The ability to identify which posts and products are driving affiliate revenue will allow you to make changes that will quickly pay for the cost of the software."

Geoff Cudd

Geoff Cudd - Growth marketer and website flipper, founder of DDIY

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