Lasso Brand Assets

Promote or talk about Lasso to your audience using the right brand assets including logos, fonts, and colors.

The current Lasso brand was created in December 2019. It’s called Neon Cowboy. This is the second update to Lasso which was originally created in 2017 by Laura Fiebert. You can read about the brand total makeover here.

The brand name is a reference an actual lasso, which is a loop of rope designed as a restraint to be thrown around a target and tightened when pulled. The word is also a verb. To lasso is to throw the loop of rope around something. In the case of the software, that something is your links.

The Lasso logo includes a graphic representation of the original cactus logo in neon sign form with a glow. The typography in the logo represents a rope.

Download The Lasso Logo Kit


The Lasso logo comes in a single arrangement. We prefer you to use our logo with the wordmark attached, but if you need our logomark on its own, we’ve provided that too.

The logo should only appear on a purple (#5E36CA) background. Included in the logo kit

Lasso Logo With Wordmark


We use what we call ‘ConvertKit Red’ as our accent color, with a sleek navy and crisp blue for backgrounds. Plus a couple of accent colors that can be used sparingly!


This is the primary brand color that’s used for backgrounds and links. There are several different variations of this color that can be used.


This is the secondary or accent color that’s used for action items like buttons.


This is our “warning” color. It’s only used to represent warnings throughout the software including when an affiliate link is out of stock.


This is our “error” color. This is only used throughout our brand to represent software errors, broken links, or a permanent action like deletion or canceling. It comes in two variations:


This is our standard blue color and it’s used sparingly. You will rarely see this color appear across the brand, but when we need blue, this is the blue we use:


This is the color we use for all our fonts across the brand.


We use three shades of gray for different applications.


Lasso uses the Helvetica Neue font in brand communications. It’s available through Google fonts. If that’s not available, the backups are Helvetica and Arial. No other font should be used with the Lasso brand.

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