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The 25 Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs of 2023

If you create content focused on the baby industry, check out these top affiliate programs to join.

By Andrew Fiebert Updated May 27, 2023

Are you interested in monetizing your website or blog with baby products? Look no further than baby products affiliate programs. With real insights and practical advice, it's a no-fluff way to make money in this niche.

By partnering with top baby product brands, you can earn commissions on every sale made through your unique affiliate link. Plus, with a wide variety of products available, there's no shortage of options to promote to your audience.

So why not dive in and start earning money with baby products? It's a smart and easy way to monetize your platform while providing your audience with valuable recommendations for their little ones.

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Why Choose a Baby Products Affiliate Program?

If you're looking to make money through affiliate marketing, baby products are a great niche to consider. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • High demand: Parents are always in need of products for their babies, from diapers to strollers to toys. This means there is a large and consistent market for baby products.
  • Wide variety of products: Baby products encompass a wide range of items, from clothing to feeding accessories to nursery decor. This allows you to promote a diverse set of products and appeal to a broader audience.
  • Recurring purchases: Many baby products, such as diapers and formula, are purchased on a regular basis. This means you have the potential for recurring commissions on those products.
  • Emotional connection: Parents want the best for their babies and are often willing to spend more on high-quality products. By promoting products that are safe, durable, and well-designed, you can tap into the emotional connection that parents have with their children.
  • Loyal customer base: Once a parent finds a baby product they love, they are likely to stick with it for future children or recommend it to other parents. This can lead to a loyal customer base and more sales for you.

Overall, baby products offer a lucrative and rewarding niche for affiliate marketers. By choosing to promote products that parents need and love, you can build a successful and sustainable business.

How We Selected the Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs

Criteria for Our Selection

When compiling our list of the 25 best baby products affiliate programs, we considered a range of factors to ensure we provided a comprehensive and fair evaluation. Our goal was to help you make the best possible choice for your affiliate marketing needs. Here's a closer look at our selection criteria:

  • Commission Structure: The first thing we looked at was the commission structure. We aimed to include programs that offer competitive and fair commission rates. Some offer a flat fee per sale, while others provide a percentage of the sale value. A few even provide recurring commissions, giving affiliates a share of the ongoing subscription revenue.
  • Product Quality: The quality of the baby products itself is critical. After all, it's much easier to sell a product that you believe in and that offers real value to its users. We looked for programs offering high-quality, reputable baby products products.
  • Brand Reputation: The reputation of the brand is also important. Well-known and respected brands can be easier to sell, and customers are often more comfortable buying from them.
  • Payout Terms: We considered the payout terms, including the minimum payout threshold and the frequency of payments. Programs that pay out more frequently and have lower payout thresholds are generally more attractive to affiliates.

By considering these factors, we've been able to provide you with a list of baby products affiliate programs that are not only profitable but also fair, reputable, and supportive of their affiliates.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

As leaders in the affiliate marketing industry, the team at Lasso has built a reputation for delivering results. Our team has over a decade of experience building affiliate sites and monetizing them.

At Lasso, we've earned the trust of thousands of affiliate marketers to help them monetize their own websites. Our success as a business is directly correlated to how well we help our customers grow their affiliate revenue.

Top 25 Baby Products Affiliate Programs in 2023

  1. Flannels


    Commission Rate: 2.4% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Flannels homepage

    Looking for comfortable and natural designer clothing, homewares, and accessories? Flannels has got you covered! With their wide range of products from the most coveted designer brands, you can be sure to find something that suits your style.

    Not only do they offer high-quality products, but their affiliate program is also a great way to earn some extra cash. With a commission rate of 2.4% per sale and a cookie duration of 30 days, you have plenty of opportunities to earn commissions on your referrals.

    Some of Flannels' most popular products include their women's designer clothing, which is both comfortable and stylish. They also offer a range of homewares and accessories, such as designer handbags and jewelry, that are sure to add a touch of luxury to any outfit. So why not join Flannels' affiliate program today and start earning commissions on their amazing products?

    Join the Flannels Affiliate Program
  2. Kohl’s


    Commission Rate: 2.4% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 7 Days

    Kohl’s homepage

    Kohl's is an amazing affiliate program that offers great savings on a variety of products for the whole family. With their commission rate of 2.4% per sale and cookie duration of 7 days, it's easy to earn money while promoting their popular products.

    One of Kohl's most popular products is their clothing line, which includes a wide range of styles and sizes for men, women, and children. They also offer a variety of shoes for every occasion, from athletic sneakers to dress shoes. In addition, Kohl's has a great selection of toys, home décor, appliances, and electronics.

    If you're looking for a reliable affiliate program with a great selection of products and competitive commission rates, Kohl's is the perfect choice. With their wide range of products and excellent customer service, it's easy to see why they are a top choice for shoppers everywhere.

    Join the Kohl’s Affiliate Program
  3. Gerber Childrenswear

    Gerber Childrenswear

    Commission Rate: Unknown

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Gerber Childrenswear homepage

    Gerber Childrenswear LLC is an awesome affiliate program that offers a wide range of infant and toddler apparel products. They are one of the leading marketers in the market and have been providing high-quality products for many years.

    Although their commission rate is unknown, the cookie duration of 30 days is pretty impressive. This means you have a whole month to earn commissions on any purchases made by customers you refer to their website. Gerber Childrenswear LLC has a great reputation for offering quality products at reasonable prices, which makes it easier for you to promote their products to your audience.

    Some of their most popular products include onesies, sleepwear, and baby accessories. These products are essential for parents with young children, which means you'll have a large target audience to promote to. Overall, Gerber Childrenswear LLC is a fantastic affiliate program to join if you're looking for high-quality products to promote to your audience.

    Join the Gerber Childrenswear Affiliate Program
  4. Urban Sitter

    Urban Sitter

    Commission Rate: $30 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    Urban Sitter is clever because it makes the process of finding a trusted babysitter as easy as opening an app.

    Join the Urban Sitter Affiliate Program
  5. H&M


    Commission Rate: Unknown

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    H&M is an international fashion retail chain that designs apparel for men, women, and children. It is a European-founded brand.

    Join the H&M Affiliate Program
  6. Overstock


    Commission Rate: Up to 6% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 14 Days

    Want to furnish your entire home or office in one online shopping spree? Overstock has whatever you want and at a discount.

    Join the Overstock Affiliate Program
  7. Superdrug


    Commission Rate: 1.6% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Superdrug is the shopping destination for fashion-conscious customers seeking products for beauty, fragrance, electrical, and health.

    Join the Superdrug Affiliate Program
  8. T.J. Maxx

    T.J. Maxx

    Commission Rate: 4% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    TJ Maxx stores have one simple mission: sell the fashion brands people love but at up to 60% off. They smartly buy their stock at discount to get you deals.

    Join the T.J. Maxx Affiliate Program
  9. Wildbird


    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    WildBird offers a quick, easy and beautiful Baby Carrier, and Ring Slings made for Newborns to Toddlers built with modern Moms & Dads.

    Join the Wildbird Affiliate Program
  10. vidaXL


    Commission Rate: 6% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 10 Days

    vidaXL is an online department store for all of your home, garden, garage and DIY needs, offering a wide range of products for fair prices.

    Join the vidaXL Affiliate Program
  11. Stokke


    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Stokke Australia's online store for designing premium children's furniture, including prams, high chairs, baby baths, and much more.

    Join the Stokke Affiliate Program
  12. Loulou Lollipop

    Loulou Lollipop

    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Loulou Lollipop is a premium lifestyle baby brand that swaddles lovable aesthetics together with high-quality materials.

    Join the Loulou Lollipop Affiliate Program
  13. Old Navy

    Old Navy

    Commission Rate: 0.8% and 1.6% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 1 Day

    Old Navy has the latest fashions at great prices for the whole family. Shop men's, women's, women's plus, kids, baby, and maternity wear.

    Join the Old Navy Affiliate Program
  14. Janie and Jack

    Janie and Jack

    Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 14 Days

    Janie and Jack is an American retail brand, offering classic, designer children's clothing in rich fabric, design, and detail.

    Join the Janie and Jack Affiliate Program
  15. Gap


    Commission Rate: 1% - 4% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

    Shop casual women's, men's, maternity, kids, and baby clothes at Gap. Find the perfect clothes for the whole family.

    Join the Gap Affiliate Program
  16. The Baby’s Brew

    The Baby’s Brew

    Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Baby's Brew is the first battery-powered bottle warmer on the market. You have the option of 3 different temperatures: 98.6F, 104F, or 114F.

    Join the The Baby’s Brew Affiliate Program
  17. Popopieshop


    Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

    Popopieshop is your global online store that offers matching family clothing, baby & kids clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

    Join the Popopieshop Affiliate Program
  18. KeepEmQuiet


    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days is the one-stop-shop for all things screen-free entertainment, home to their famous, award-winning entertainment packs.

    Join the KeepEmQuiet Affiliate Program
  19. Dillard’s


    Commission Rate: 3% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Dillard's, Inc. ranks among the nation's largest fashion retailers, offering compelling apparel, cosmetics, and home selections.

    Join the Dillard’s Affiliate Program


    Commission Rate: 7% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    GOTHINK addresses the growing concern of toxic chemicals leaching from consumer products and creating safe alternatives for babies.

    Join the GOTHINK Affiliate Program
  21. Yumi


    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Yumi is a freshly-made, organic, kosher & nutrient-dense food for babies designed to meet daily recommended values.

    Join the Yumi Affiliate Program
  22. Owlet Baby Care Inc.

    Owlet Baby Care Inc.

    Commission Rate: 9% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Owlet Baby Care Inc manufactures healthcare products that monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, and skin temperature for babies.

    Join the Owlet Baby Care Inc. Affiliate Program
  23. Great Little Trading Company

    Great Little Trading Company

    Commission Rate: 2% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Great Little Trading Company creates smart storage solutions, versatile children's furniture, and unique, long-lasting wooden toys.

    Join the Great Little Trading Company Affiliate Program
  24. Hello Bello

    Hello Bello

    Commission Rate: 8% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 15 Days

    Hello Bello is a Los Angeles-based start-up that sells a range of all-natural baby products, from diapers and wipes to sunscreen.

    Join the Hello Bello Affiliate Program

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