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The team behind Lasso are seasoned affiliate marketers who've been running online businesses since 2012.

Affiliate marketing is easy to start, but hard to master. Finding the right software to manage all of your important links was a challenge – because it didn’t exist.

We get it. And it’s the reason we built Lasso.

Andrew and Laura Fiebert, who co-founded Lasso, have large affiliate sites – in 2020 their sites reached over 11 million people. They struggled to manage all of the affiliate links on their sites with existing plugins.

After trying every affiliate marketing tool under the sun, they found there was no single tool that would fully control their affiliate link inventory end to end. They wanted something that could do everything. Something that even the big players would dream of having. Something that didn’t only work with Amazon.

Their two sites main are very different. Laura’s site relies on mostly Amazon affiliate links while Andrew’s has a mix of all types of affiliate programs. This was a unique challenge trying to build a plugin that would work for both. But in the process, they invented Lasso which would solve all their needs. Plus a few more they didn’t even anticipate.

Lasso is an affiliate marketer’s dream plugin. That was the goal and that’s what they built. But it required a team…

The Team Behind Lasso

We're a team of dedicated developers and creators from around the world.

Andrew Fiebert

Andrew Fiebert

Co-Founder & CTO
Andrew Fiebert

Laura Fiebert

Co-Founder & Design
Matt Giovanisci

Sean Brison

Head of Growth
Khang Truong

Khang Truong

Software Engineer

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