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The 25 Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs of 2023

Help your audience protect themselves from viruses and other forms of malware with any one of these antivirus affiliate programs.

By Andrew Fiebert Updated September 26, 2023

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Why Choose a Antivirus Affiliate Program?

Choosing the right affiliate program is an essential part of any winning affiliate marketing strategy.

There are several reasons why you should choose antivirus affiliate programs:

  • Lucrative earnings: Antivirus affiliate programs offer generous commission rates, allowing you to earn a significant income.
  • High demand: With the increasing number of cyber threats, antivirus software is in high demand, ensuring a large potential customer base.
  • Trust and credibility: Promoting reputable antivirus brands gives you the opportunity to align yourself with trusted and credible companies in the industry.
  • Wide range of products: Antivirus affiliate programs offer a variety of products, catering to different customer needs and budgets.
  • Marketing support: Many antivirus affiliate programs provide marketing materials, such as banners and landing pages, to help you effectively promote their products.
  • Recurring commissions: Some antivirus affiliate programs offer recurring commissions, allowing you to earn passive income from customers who renew their subscriptions.
  • Easy to promote: Antivirus software is an essential tool for computer users, making it relatively easy to promote to a wide audience.

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How We Picked the Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs

Commission Structure

We analyze each program's commission structure to evaluate how lucrative the program will be for our readers.

Product Quality

Before we recommend a program, we ensure the product offerings are high-quality and trustworthy.

Brand Reputation

We give extra weight to brands with stellar reputations for taking care of their affiliates.

Payout Terms

Different programs have different payout thresholds and frequencies that we considered when writing our list.

Top 25 Antivirus Affiliate Programs in 2023

  1. Surfshark


    Commission Rate: 40% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Surfshark homepage

    Surfshark is an exceptional affiliate program that offers an impressive commission rate of 40% per sale. This means that affiliates have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of money by promoting their products. Additionally, the program offers a generous cookie duration of 30 days, which gives affiliates plenty of time to earn commissions from their referrals.

    One of the standout features of Surfshark is its Multihop functionality. This unique feature allows customers to connect from multiple locations simultaneously, ensuring that their physical location remains completely anonymous. This level of privacy and security is highly sought after in today's digital age, making Surfshark a highly desirable VPN for customers.

    In addition to its impressive features, Surfshark also offers a range of popular products that are sure to attract customers. Their user-friendly interface and reliable service make them a top choice among VPN users. Whether customers are looking to protect their online privacy, access geo-restricted content, or enhance their online security, Surfshark has a solution to meet their needs.

    Join the Surfshark Affiliate Program
  2. Norton


    Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

    Norton homepage

    Norton is a fantastic affiliate program for computer security. With their long history starting from 1982, they have become a well-known brand name in the industry.

    They offer a generous commission rate of 20% per sale, which is higher than what you might expect from other programs. Additionally, their cookie duration is 60 days, providing a longer window for potential customers to make a purchase and for you to earn your commission.

    Norton's popularity is not without reason. Their range of products includes top-notch computer security solutions that customers trust. From their flagship antivirus software to comprehensive internet security suites, Norton has it all. By promoting Norton as an affiliate, you can tap into the demand for reliable computer security and earn a significant commission along the way.

    Join the Norton Affiliate Program
  3. 360 Total Security

    360 Total Security

    Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    360 Total Security homepage

    360 Total Security is an exceptional affiliate program that offers a wide range of benefits. With a generous commission rate of 30% per sale, you can earn substantial income by promoting their top-notch security software. This program ensures that you receive a fair and competitive compensation for your efforts in driving sales.

    Moreover, the 90-day cookie duration is a significant advantage. It means that even if a user clicks on your affiliate link and doesn't make a purchase immediately, you still have a three-month window to earn a commission if they eventually make a purchase. This extended tracking period gives you a higher chance of converting leads into sales, maximizing your earning potential.

    360 Total Security's popularity stems from its comprehensive security solutions for both home devices and businesses. Their powerful security software provides top-level protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. This program offers a fantastic opportunity to promote products that are in high demand and trusted by users worldwide.

    Join the 360 Total Security Affiliate Program
  4. Iolo System Mechanic

    Iolo System Mechanic

    Commission Rate: 40% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Iolo System Mechanic homepage

    Iolo System Mechanic is a fantastic affiliate program because it offers a generous commission rate of 40% per sale. This means that every time someone purchases their software through your affiliate link, you earn a significant portion of the sale. It's a great way to earn passive income by promoting a product that is in high demand.

    Although the cookie duration is unknown, the high commission rate more than makes up for it. Plus, Iolo System Mechanic's patented technology and software are top-notch. They specialize in developing products that repair, optimize, and protect computers, ensuring maximum speed and performance. Their most popular products include System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, which offers comprehensive security and privacy protection, and System Mechanic Pro, which boosts computer performance and fixes common issues.

    Join the Iolo System Mechanic Affiliate Program
  5. Sucuri


    Commission Rate: $200 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    The vision and leadership of the founders enabled Sucuri to become one of the most recommended website security service among web professionals.

    Join the Sucuri Affiliate Program
  6. Panda Security

    Panda Security

    Commission Rate: 50% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Panda is a Spanish computer security and IT solutions company that’s been around since 1998. They offer antivirus products and VPN services.

    Join the Panda Security Affiliate Program
  7. Eset


    Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    ESET offers future-ready Internet Security, that protects your digital life every step of the way that works on any device.

    Join the Eset Affiliate Program
  8. AVG Technologies

    AVG Technologies

    Commission Rate: 15% - 35% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

    200 million computer and smartphone users trust AVG (Anti-virus Guard) with keeping their data and system safe. They offer VPN services now as well.

    Join the AVG Technologies Affiliate Program
  9. Malwarebytes


    Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    Malwarebytes Inc. designs computer software. They provide protection software for computer antivirus solutions.

    Join the Malwarebytes Affiliate Program
  10. VIPRE Antivirus

    VIPRE Antivirus

    Commission Rate: 40% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    VIPRE Antivirus is Award-winning antivirus security and online privacy to protect personal devices from malware, phishing, and data loss.

    Join the VIPRE Antivirus Affiliate Program
  11. G DATA Software, Inc.

    G DATA Software, Inc.

    Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    G DATA Software, Inc. is an innovative and quickly expanding software house focusing on antivirus security solutions.

    Join the G DATA Software, Inc. Affiliate Program
  12. Defencebyte Affiliate Program

    Defencebyte Affiliate Program

    Commission Rate: 40% - 70% based on revenue

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

    Defencebyte is a fast-growing antivirus company dedicated to providing its customers with best-of-the-moment security features.

    Join the Defencebyte Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
  13. Mr Key Shop

    Mr Key Shop

    Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 21 Days

    Mr Key Shop is one of the leading companies in selling software online and off-line, operating nationally and internationally.

    Join the Mr Key Shop Affiliate Program
  14. GDATA


    Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    GDATA is an award-winning security solution, offering total security for maximum security against spyware, Trojans, spam, and other malware.

    Join the GDATA Affiliate Program
  15. BullGuard


    Commission Rate: 35% to 50% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    BullGuard is an award-winning cybersecurity company, providing the consumer & small business markets with to use of the internet in safety.

    Join the BullGuard Affiliate Program
  16. Avira


    Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    Avira has long been a known name in the antivirus game. It also offers a VPN service as well as security solutions for businesses.

    Join the Avira Affiliate Program
  17. cdkoffers


    Commission Rate: Unknown

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    cdkoffers offers a wide-ranging of Xbox, Origin, Uplay, Steam, PC Game Keys, Gift Cards, PSN Cards, Antivirus Software.

    Join the cdkoffers Affiliate Program
  18. Total AV

    Total AV

    Commission Rate: $70 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    TotalAV is a Complete Antivirus Security Package, Compatible with Computers and Mobile Devices for the Entire Family.

    Join the Total AV Affiliate Program
  19. Heimdal


    Commission Rate: 50% to 75% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Heimdal Security is one of the fastest-growing and highly focused companies in the cyber security industry.

    Join the Heimdal Affiliate Program
  20. AntivirusDeals


    Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    AntiVirus Deals offers security software at a discounted rate, available for consumers and small business users.

    Join the AntivirusDeals Affiliate Program
  21. Intego


    Commission Rate: 15% to 50% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    Intego provides Internet security and Mac antivirus software to protect from network threats, viruses, Trojan horses, and all other malware.

    Join the Intego Affiliate Program
  22. WebRoot


    Commission Rate: Unknown

    Cookie Duration: 120 Days

    Webroot is an OpenText company, that supports businesses and home users with cloud-based data security for Cyber Resilience.

    Join the WebRoot Affiliate Program
  23. McAfee


    Commission Rate: $10 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    McAfee is a well-known and award-winning antivirus for PC, Android, and iOS. Browse the web privately, safely, and securely with their VPN.

    Join the McAfee Affiliate Program
  24. TrueSerial


    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    TrueSerial is the number one Trusted Antivirus Reseller Worldwide, providing top-of-the-line, brand-name McAfee Antivirus Software.

    Join the TrueSerial Affiliate Program

How We Selected the Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs

Criteria for Our Selection

When compiling our list of the 25 best antivirus affiliate programs, we considered a range of factors to ensure we provided a comprehensive and fair evaluation. Our goal was to help you make the best possible choice for your affiliate marketing needs. Here's a closer look at our selection criteria:

  • Commission Structure: The first thing we looked at was the commission structure. We aimed to include programs that offer competitive and fair commission rates. Some offer a flat fee per sale, while others provide a percentage of the sale value. A few even provide recurring commissions, giving affiliates a share of the ongoing subscription revenue.
  • Product Quality: The quality of the antivirus itself is critical. After all, it's much easier to sell a product that you believe in and that offers real value to its users. We looked for programs offering high-quality, reputable antivirus products.
  • Brand Reputation: The reputation of the brand is also important. Well-known and respected brands can be easier to sell, and customers are often more comfortable buying from them.
  • Payout Terms: We considered the payout terms, including the minimum payout threshold and the frequency of payments. Programs that pay out more frequently and have lower payout thresholds are generally more attractive to affiliates.

By considering these factors, we've been able to provide you with a list of antivirus affiliate programs that are not only profitable but also fair, reputable, and supportive of their affiliates.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

As leaders in the affiliate marketing industry, the team at Lasso has built a reputation for delivering results. Our team has over a decade of experience building affiliate sites and monetizing them.

At Lasso, we've earned the trust of thousands of affiliate marketers to help them monetize their own websites. Our success as a business is directly correlated to how well we help our customers grow their affiliate revenue.

If you want to be a successful affiliate in the antivirus niche, you can trust our recommendations to help make it happen.

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