How To Quickly Monetize Your Site With Keywording

Turn any keyword, phrase, or brand name into an affiliate link just by flipping a toggle.

Matt Giovanisci by Matt Giovanisci | Last Updated: February 22, 2021

Imagine being able to type in any keyword in WordPress and finding out how many times you mentioned that keyword. What could you do with that?

Well, it could help you find new opportunities to join affiliate programs. Or, better yet, you could monetize those keywords with affiliate links.

That’s what Lasso can do for you!

There are two ways to use the Keywording feature in Lasso. You can take any affiliate URL and add the brand name as the keyword. For instance, if you have an affiliate link with WPEngine, you could add the keyword “WPEngine” and Lasso will scan your site and collect all the times you mentioned the brand name.

Then, with the click of a toggle, you can monetize that keywording turning it into an affiliate link. Like this…

But that’s just the beginning…

You can add any keyword or phrase into an affiliate URL. For an affiliate like WPEngine, you could add the keyword phrase “web hosting” and Lasso will find those mentions too!

Again, with a toggle, you can monetize the keyword phrase and turn it into an affiliate link. Like this…


Matt Giovanisci
Matt Giovanisci has been a self-employed online business owner for over a decade building four profitable websites along the way. He finds it a great way to build brands and write off his hobbies (like his home brewing site). His #1 rule is to have fun, make money, and ignore "best practices." Ok, so three rules.

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