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How To Write Epic Affiliate Marketing Content That Actually Converts

All web traffic is not created equal. Here is how to write affiliate marketing content that attracts the right traffic and gets conversions.

Gene Schleeter April 18, 2022
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At Lasso, we have a pretty kick-ass affiliate program (which you should join if you’re in the digital marketing or blogging niche) and as of now, we have over 800 affiliates recommending Lasso to their audiences.

As the Affiliate Manager here at Lasso, I noticed a while ago that some of our successful and unsuccessful affiliates have very similar sites. Similar domain authority, branding, and monthly traffic. So why are some of them sending tons of traffic, and some are sending none?

To answer that question, I decided to analyze their affiliate marketing content to see what’s actually working.

I want to share what we found and show you how you can use this information to increase your site’s conversion rate. Whether you’re an affiliate marketing beginner or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’re sure there’s something here that will help you improve your site.

Our affiliate marketing content analysis process

Before I could analyze our affiliates’ content marketing strategies, I needed to develop a system.

First, I divided our affiliate program members into buckets based on their performance. Then I looked at what kind of audience they had and eliminated the sites that aren’t in our niche (you can recommend Lasso on a gardening site, but it’s less relevant than a site for bloggers).

Lastly, I looked for commonalities within each group. I found similarities in what kind of affiliate marketing content our top affiliates publish. I also saw a few things they’re doing that other members of our affiliate program aren’t.

Here are the key affiliate marketing content takeaways.

Traffic matters

It may seem obvious, but you won’t make any affiliate sales if your site doesn’t get any traffic. Many affiliates sign up with ten monthly visitors and expect to make ten conversions per month. I wish that were true, but that’s completely unrealistic.

You need to build an audience before sending them to affiliate offers. So, if you have no traffic, try to concentrate on writing and optimizing content.

The good thing is that you don’t need a million visits per month to make conversions. Some of our most successful affiliates have relatively small sites. In fact, we saw little difference in traffic between our active and inactive affiliates.

Active affiliate vs inactive affiliate monthly traffic comparison

So, while you need to have some traffic, it’s most important to have the right traffic.

Clicks don’t matter; conversions do

Lasso has affiliates who send hundreds of clicks per month but make no sales. They’re sending garbage traffic.

We also have affiliates who send ten clicks per month and have multiple conversions. They send very targeted traffic.

Remember, the amount of clicks you get to your affiliate offers is a vanity metric. You’re trying to make money, and you don’t get paid for traffic that doesn’t convert.

Affiliate traffic conversion rate comparison

Promote your offers

We have multiple partners with gigantic sites that aren’t making any conversions. What’s the common factor between them? They don’t promote their affiliate offers.

It’s not enough to put an Amazon Affiliate link in a 3,000-word blog post and cross your fingers. You need to write highly-optimized content and then promote that content. Make it difficult for your audience to avoid your recommended products.

What kinds of affiliate marketing content convert the best?

So you have a site that gets good traffic, and you’re ready to promote your affiliate offers to highly targeted traffic. How do you make that happen?

After looking at our top partners’ sites, the affiliate marketing content types that convert the best are:

Branded product reviews and product roundups

This classic type of affiliate marketing strategy still works. Write product reviews and “best x for y” content.

These types of posts have massive buying intent. Anyone who searches for these keywords is looking to buy something today.

But there’s a problem with product reviews.

Nobody tells you that only a few sites can rank for product reviews. Big sites are ranking for most of these keywords, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to beat them.

That’s why I don’t recommend our affiliates focus on writing Lasso reviews. Only so many people can rank for “Lasso Plugin Review,” and I want all of our affiliates to be successful.

Of course, this type of content converts the best. And, even if you won’t rank for a product review, you should still write one eventually. It can be part of a larger content hub, and you can promote it to your email list and social media following.

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You can also write a product review as further reading for your other affiliate content. Maybe your reader is close to buying, but they’re not there yet. Linking to your individual product review may keep them going.

Just don’t expect individual product reviews to get a lot of organic traffic and rake in the dough.

Tip: A second CTA button can increase your conversion rate, and you can use it to link to an individual product review. That’s a win-win!

How-to guides

How-to guides are the source of our highest-converting affiliate traffic.

That may seem counterintuitive. After all, how-to guides are a classic example of info content. They drive traffic, but you need to move that traffic to your money content, right?

Our top affiliates write how-to content about something related to Lasso. Something like “how to manage affiliate links” or “how to insert Amazon links into WordPress posts.” Then they make Lasso essential to the process.

You can use this strategy with any niche. You just need to be creative.

For example, let’s say you have a blog about organic gardening and want to write about “how to grow organic tomatoes.” You could make organic fertilizer an essential part of growing organic tomatoes and link to your favorite brand.

Example of affiliate links in info content

The best thing about how-to guides and tutorials is that there are many long-tail keywords with low competition. They’re ripe for the picking.

This is an untapped strategy that you can use to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

Resource Pages

We’ve talked in the past about how valuable resource pages can be, and our affiliate analysis confirmed our thoughts.

As you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, your audience will want to know your recommendations for specific products. It’s a natural progression.

Our affiliates write about blogging, affiliate marketing, and side-hustles, and their audiences want to know what tools they recommend. Resource pages are the best way to give their audience solutions and promote affiliate offers simultaneously.

Example of a simple affiliate resource page

For example, if you build a successful affiliate website about SCUBA diving, naturally, your audience will want to know what kind of respirators or fins you recommend. Making a “recommended gear” page will make you a lot of money and help your audience at the same time.

If you haven’t made one before, you can use a tool like Lasso to create a resource page in just a few minutes.

How to optimize your existing affiliate marketing content

If you’ve built a site that gets a lot of traffic but isn’t converting very well, you may not need to focus on publishing new content. Perhaps you need to spend some time optimizing your existing content to make more sales.

Increase mentions per page

On average, the how-to guides and resource pages that send us the most traffic mention Lasso by name 4-7 times. That’s multiple mentions on pages that aren’t dedicated solely to Lasso.

This affiliate mentioned Lasso 53 times in a review

Lasso review pages average around 35 times. They establish Lasso as a solution to their reader’s problem by repeatedly reminding them of its existence.

There’s an old rule in advertising that you need to mention a brand name seven times for it to stick in a consumer’s mind. It appears digital marketing campaigns follow a similar pattern.

If you have a resource page that recommends your favorite chef’s knife once, write a description and repeatedly mention the product by name. If you have a how-to guide that recommends wearing a helmet while biking, say the brand’s name over and over again.

I think you’ll be surprised by the results.

Use more eye-catching affiliate links

If the purpose of your website is to make money, then every part of your site should be designed to meet that end.

Product displays are a great way to do this; there’s a reason we’re obsessed with them at Lasso. It’s because they work. We’ve repeatedly shown that our product displays increase conversions up to 30%.

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A few golden rules to follow when promoting your affiliate offers:

  • Your buy buttons should contrast your branding. You want your call to action button to stand out from the rest of your site. If your primary site color is blue, your buy button should be red or orange. (You’ll notice our CTA buttons are green, while the rest of our site is purple). Look up complementary colors if you aren’t sure what contrasts your branding.
  • Use display images. Product images can triple your site’s affiliate revenue. They grab your reader’s attention and show them what to buy.  If you aren’t using product images in your affiliate offers, you need to start.
  • Give your reader options, like secondary CTA buttons, grids with multiple products, and alternative solutions. These things give your readers a feeling of choice and impartiality. When you give them options, your audience will trust that you want to help them find the right product, not just the one that makes you the most money.

You can do this with or without Lasso, but our plugin makes this process so much easier.

Think about search intent and find an angle

Before you start writing, you should always ask yourself, “What does someone want when they search for this keyword?” In fact, you should ask yourself this during keyword research.

You can ask yourself the same question with your existing content. Ask yourself what someone wants when they land on your page. Then, think about how you can monetize the answer to their question.

Hint: Use Ahrefs to see what keywords your page is already ranking for. Those keywords are what people were searching for before they found your site.

If someone’s searching for “how to run faster,” that’s exactly what they want to know. And you can write an article about running form, breathing techniques, and practice that would answer their question very well.

But, couldn’t you also recommend they get a good pair of running shoes? Could you recommend they get a heart-rate monitor? Wouldn’t that also answer their question?

Most keywords are monetizable. Look through your existing content, and ask yourself what the search intent is. Then, ask what angle you can take to recommend an affiliate offer.

Last-minute content marketing tips

Here are a few quick tips you can use to get more conversions from your affiliate marketing content.

Harness your audience

For a moment, think about your audience the way a traditional business would. No restaurant or clothing store can survive without repeat customers.

How can you keep your readers coming back so you can promote offers to them over and over again? First, write great content and build trust. Then, get your audience into a mailing list.

Our most active affiliates have a mailing list to which they routinely make offers. There’s a reason so many sites ask you to join their newsletter these days. Email marketing works.

Adam Enfroy's newsletter signup popup

Once you build a mailing list, let people know when you publish valuable content. And again, find a way to use that content to promote your affiliate offers.

Write more content for each product

The biggest thing that our top affiliates have in common is multiple pages promoting Lasso. Most have an individual review, a resource page, some kind of how-to guide, and a “best affiliate marketing plugins” roundup page.

The result of all that work? Their audience knows they believe in our product.

If you only mention a product once on your affiliate site, do you really think it’s the best option for your readers? Or is it obvious you’re just chasing a commission?

If that’s the case, then pay attention to the next point.

Promote affiliate products you believe in

It may not always seem like it, but most people are pretty smart. They can tell when someone’s just trying to make a sale.

If you’re trying to promote offers to your audience that you don’t believe in, they’ll know and won’t trust you anymore.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice. For example, if you don’t have Bluehost on your list of The Best WordPress Hosting, search engines won’t rank you. You might love Bluehost, or you might not, but SEO dictates that you include it.

However, if you love SiteGround, and write about it with passion, your audience will pick up on that, they’ll trust you, and you’ll make way more conversions. And you’ll sleep better.

When something works, repeat it.

I’ve noticed some of our affiliates are sending traffic from pages that look very similar.

For example, they could have a post about “how to start a travel blog.” And another about “how to start a food blog.” And yet another about “how to start a beauty blog.”

All of those posts are ranking, getting traffic, and converting.

Sometimes, successful affiliate marketing can be like blindly shooting arrows in every direction and seeing which one hits something. But, when one does find its mark, why wouldn’t you keep shooting in that direction?

If one of these affiliate marketing content strategies works for your site, repeat it until it doesn’t.

Think of your audience and put in the work

When looking at our unsuccessful partners, a common issue is that they just haven’t put in the work.

If they’ve been a part of our affiliate program for over a year and have no mention of Lasso on their affiliate sites, they can’t ask why they aren’t making referrals.

Writing high-quality content is a lot of work. You can spend days writing a killer blog post, and nobody ever reads it. Your affiliate marketing efforts go nowhere. That’s a risk you take.

However, if you think about what your target audience wants and needs and keep your content focused on answering those questions, something will eventually stick. In our experience, publishing one blog post per week puts you way ahead of most competition.

Keep writing, keep publishing, and go make that money.

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