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Fat Stacks is the home of the premier internet marketing course, Niche Site Profits. Created by Jon Dykstra, this course has helped hundreds of users realize their dreams of online entrepreneurship.

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Product Type
Digital Product
Affiliate Commission
40% recurring
Cookie Duration
365 Days
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Looking to boost your affiliate marketing earnings in the SaaS niche? The Fat Stacks affiliate program might just be the answer. With its generous commissions and high-converting products, affiliates can earn substantial passive income by promoting this popular software provider.

Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, Fat Stacks offers a user-friendly platform and top-notch support to help you succeed. Join the program today and start monetizing your traffic with one of the leading SaaS affiliate programs in the industry.

Join the Fat Stacks affiliate program today.

The Fat Stacks Affiliate Program Details and Commission Rates

The Fat Stacks affiliate program is known for its competitive commission rates and generous cookie durations, making it a popular choice among SaaS bloggers.

Program Categories:

Commission Rate:

  • 40% recurring

Cookie Duration:

  • 365 Days

How to Become a Fat Stacks Affiliate

1. Join the Affiliate Program and Get Your Fat Stacks Affiliate Link

The first thing you need to do become a Fat Stacks influencer is sign up for their affiliate program.

Their application will require some basic information about your business and your audience. Follow the instructions to complete and submit your application.

After you submit your application, it will typically take a few days for Fat Stacks to approve or deny your application.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll be granted access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can find and copy your unique affiliate referral link.

Fat Stacks affiliate program signup page

2. Add Your Referral Link to Relevant Content

You can start monetizing your content right away by adding your Fat Stacks link directly to your blog posts. (If you don't know, here's how to add affiliate links to your blog.)

Simply find content where Fat Stacks will fit your audience’s needs.

Next, find the most relevant part of the post, and add your link with optimized anchor text.

Then all you have to do is keep creating content and wait for your audience to click your links. When they make purchases, you’ll earn 40% recurring.

Tips to Succeed in the Fat Stacks Affiliate Program

Optimize Your Offers and Earn More with Lasso

After you’ve added a few affiliate links to your content and started earning commissions, you should look for ways to increase your affiliate revenue.

You can do this by adding great product displays, comparison tables, and CTA buttons to your blog posts.

The easiest way to increase your affiliate income and monetize your site with Fat Stacks is by using Lasso.

Our Favorite
Fat Stacks

Fat Stacks is the home of the premier internet marketing course, Niche Site Profits. Created by Jon Dykstra, this course has helped hundreds of users realize their dreams of online entrepreneurship.

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👆 Create displays like this with Lasso.

With Lasso, you’ll have a link management dashboard, so you can see every post on your site with Fat Stacks links.

You can also create stunning no-code affiliate Displays, Grids, and Tables. Those will increase your clicks and help you earn more money from your existing content.

Create Engaging Content Around Fat Stacks

When it comes to affiliate marketing, content is king. To successfully promote Fat Stacks products, it's important to create content that not only attracts your audience but also engages them. Here's how:

  1. Understand your audience: Know your readers' hobbies, their passions, and their pain points. This understanding will help you create content that resonates with them and solves their problems.
  2. Showcase the products: Use high-quality images and videos to showcase Fat Stacks products. If possible, puchase and use the products yourself. This will help you write with more authority and prove to your audience you know what you're talking about.
  3. Share personal experiences: People often connect more with personal experiences. Share your own stories about using Fat Stacks. Talk about how the products solved your problems or fit your needs, and explain how they will do the same for your readers.
  4. Provide value: Offering reviews, advice, or how-to guides related to Fat Stacks's affiliate offers. This not only promotes the products but also positions you as an authority in your niche.
  5. Engage with your audience: Encourage your audience to leave comments, ask questions, or share their own experiences with Fat Stacks. This can foster a sense of community and increase engagement on your posts.

TIP: The more engaging and valuable your content is, the more likely it is that your audience will trust your recommendations and click on your Fat Stacks affiliate links. Our product review template will ensure your content grabs reader's attention.

Analyzing and Understanding Your Affiliate Data with Fat Stacks

Success in affiliate marketing largely depends on your ability to understand and analyze your affiliate data effectively. Doing so allows you to see what's working, what's not, and where you can make improvements to increase your earnings.

Fat Stacks provides data on your referrals, conversions, and earnings, but to get a more comprehensive view, consider using a third-party tool like Lasso Performance. It integrates with all your affiliate programs, including Fat Stacks, and provides valuable insights into your performance.

Lasso Performance revenue graph

Here's how you can use Performance to analyze and understand your Fat Stacks affiliate data:

  1. Track Your Performance: Track all your affiliate links in one place. It gives you detailed information about click-through rates, conversions, and overall earnings.
  2. Understand Your Earnings: Easily see which of your content is generating the most earnings. This helps you understand what type of content resonates most with your audience and leads to conversions.
  3. Identify Opportunities for Improvement: Identify underperforming content and optimize it for better results. Maybe a post needs better keyword targeting, or perhaps an affiliate link would be more effective in a different location.
  4. Optimize Your Strategy: Lasso Performance not only helps you understand your current performance but also informs your future strategies. By understanding what's working, you can replicate successful strategies in future content.
  5. Automate Reporting: The tool provides automated reporting, saving you time and effort in gathering and analyzing data manually.

TIP: The more you understand about your performance, the better you can tailor your approach to maximize your earnings with the Fat Stacks Affiliate Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fat Stacks Affiliate Program?

This is the program Fat Stacks uses to pay people and companies that promote their products. When you make a sale for Fat Stacks, they will send you a commission for the sale of that product.

How can I join the Fat Stacks Affiliate Program?

You can join the Fat Stacks affiliate program by filling out their application: https://fatstacksblog.com/affiliates/?utm_source=getlasso

What is the commission rate for Fat Stacks affiliates?

The commission rate for Fat Stacks affiliates is 40% recurring. This means that for each sale made through your unique affiliate link, you will earn 40% recurring in commission.

This rate applies to all products, making it a lucrative opportunity for those who effectively promote Fat Stacks products to their audience.

What happens if a customer returns a product I referred?

In almost every case that means your commission for the Fat Stacks sale will get reversed. This may not be the case if you negotiate your contract with them. This can typically be done after consistent sales are proven.

What if I don't have a website?

If you don't have a website, it will be difficult to be a successful Fat Stacks affiliate.

You can get affiliate marketing traffic from social media or email marketing, but it's more difficult to break through the noise with those channels.

My recommendation is that you learn how to start a internet marketing blog, sign up for Lasso, and create a real affiliate marketing business.

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