The 33 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs of 2023

Are you ready to earn revenue from cloud software subscriptions? Find them in our extensive list of SaaS affiliate programs.

By Andrew Fiebert Updated May 28, 2023

If you're looking for a great way to monetize your website or blog, SaaS Affiliate Programs are the way to go. These programs offer fantastic commission rates and are a proven best practice for affiliate marketers in this niche.

With SaaS Affiliate Programs, you can promote software products that are in high demand and that people are willing to pay for. You'll earn a commission for every sale that you refer, and many programs offer recurring commissions which means you'll earn money every month as long as your referrals remain customers.

The best part is that you don't need to have any technical expertise or experience with the software products you're promoting. Simply sign up for the affiliate program, grab your unique affiliate link, and start promoting. It's that easy!

So if you're ready to start earning money with your website or blog, look no further than SaaS Affiliate Programs. Let's get started today!

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Why Choose a SaaS Affiliate Program?

Choosing SaaS affiliate programs can be a great way to earn passive income while promoting products you believe in. Here are some reasons why:

  • Recurring commissions: SaaS companies often offer recurring commissions, which means you can earn money each month as long as the customer you referred continues to use the product.
  • High commission rates: SaaS companies typically offer higher commission rates than physical products because their profit margins are higher. This means you can earn more money per sale.
  • Low barrier to entry: Many SaaS affiliate programs have no minimum sales requirements, so you can start earning commissions right away.
  • Great products: SaaS companies often offer innovative, high-quality products that are in high demand. By promoting these products, you can provide value to your audience while earning money.
  • Flexible marketing strategies: SaaS companies often provide their affiliates with a variety of marketing materials, including banners, email templates, and social media posts. This allows you to choose the marketing strategies that work best for your audience.

Overall, SaaS affiliate programs can be a lucrative and rewarding way to earn passive income. By choosing the right program and promoting high-quality products, you can build a sustainable income stream while providing value to your audience.

How We Selected the Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

Criteria for Our Selection

When compiling our list of the 33 best saas affiliate programs, we considered a range of factors to ensure we provided a comprehensive and fair evaluation. Our goal was to help you make the best possible choice for your affiliate marketing needs. Here's a closer look at our selection criteria:

  • Commission Structure: The first thing we looked at was the commission structure. We aimed to include programs that offer competitive and fair commission rates. Some offer a flat fee per sale, while others provide a percentage of the sale value. A few even provide recurring commissions, giving affiliates a share of the ongoing subscription revenue.
  • Product Quality: The quality of the saas itself is critical. After all, it's much easier to sell a product that you believe in and that offers real value to its users. We looked for programs offering high-quality, reputable saas products.
  • Brand Reputation: The reputation of the brand is also important. Well-known and respected brands can be easier to sell, and customers are often more comfortable buying from them.
  • Payout Terms: We considered the payout terms, including the minimum payout threshold and the frequency of payments. Programs that pay out more frequently and have lower payout thresholds are generally more attractive to affiliates.

By considering these factors, we've been able to provide you with a list of saas affiliate programs that are not only profitable but also fair, reputable, and supportive of their affiliates.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

As leaders in the affiliate marketing industry, the team at Lasso has built a reputation for delivering results. Our team has over a decade of experience building affiliate sites and monetizing them.

At Lasso, we've earned the trust of thousands of affiliate marketers to help them monetize their own websites. Our success as a business is directly correlated to how well we help our customers grow their affiliate revenue.

Top 33 SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2023

  1. Adobe


    Commission Rate: 8.33% - 85% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Adobe homepage

    If you're looking for an affiliate program that offers high commission rates, then you should definitely check out Adobe! They have an amazing suite of design products that includes Photoshop, which is one of their most popular products.

    What's great about Adobe's affiliate program is that you can earn up to 85% commission on a customer's first monthly payment, which is higher than most other affiliate programs out there. And if a customer subscribes yearly, you can earn 8.33% commission per sale, which is still a great rate!

    Plus, with a 30-day cookie duration, you have plenty of time to earn commissions on any purchases made by your referrals. So if you're interested in promoting Adobe's design products and earning high commissions, be sure to sign up for their affiliate program today!

    Join the Adobe Affiliate Program

    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days homepage

    Are you looking for a great affiliate program that offers high commission rates and a long cookie duration? Look no further than! This modern no-code funnel builder is the perfect solution for anyone looking to combine quizzes, forms, surveys, and calculators with powerful customization and personalization options.

    As an affiliate, you'll earn a recurring commission of 30% on referred customers for their entire lifetime. That means you'll continue to earn money even after your initial referral. And with a cookie duration of 60 days, you'll have plenty of time to promote and earn commissions on any resulting sales.

    So why wait? Sign up for's affiliate program today and start earning money promoting their popular products. Whether you're looking to create engaging quizzes, capture leads with custom forms, or gather valuable feedback through surveys and calculators, has everything you need to succeed.

    Join the Affiliate Program
  3. Shopify


    Commission Rate: 20% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Shopify homepage

    Shopify is an amazing affiliate program that should be on the top of your list. With over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries using their platform, it's clear that Shopify is a trusted and reliable eCommerce solution. They generate over $23.7 million in monthly recurring revenue, which is proof that they know what they're doing.

    One of the best things about the Shopify affiliate program is the commission rate. You'll earn a whopping 20% recurring commission for every customer you refer to them. Plus, the cookie duration is 30 days, which gives you plenty of time to earn a commission from your referrals.

    Shopify is known for their easy-to-use platform, making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Their most popular products include their online store builder, point of sale system, and payment gateway. With Shopify, you can offer your audience a reliable eCommerce solution that they can trust.

    Join the Shopify Affiliate Program
  4. SEMrush


    Commission Rate: $0.01 - $200 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 120 Days

    SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. They offer a wide range of features.

    Join the SEMrush Affiliate Program
  5. Sellfy


    Commission Rate: 25% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Sellfy is a full-featured eCommerce tool built for bloggers and creators who want to sell digital products, subscriptions, and physical goods.

    Join the Sellfy Affiliate Program
  6. Media Mister

    Media Mister

    Commission Rate: 50% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 365 days

    Media Mister is a social media engagement company that helps users boost their presence on all major social platforms. Join Media Mister's affiliate program and help your audience boost their social following.

    Join the Media Mister Affiliate Program
  7. Asana


    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 40 Days

    With Asana, keep your team coordinated, wherever you are. Remote teams can organize projects, manage shifting priorities, and get work done.

    Join the Asana Affiliate Program
  8. ConvertKit


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    ConvertKit helps online creators with their email marketing. As an affiliate, get 30% recurring commission on referred customers for life.

    Join the ConvertKit Affiliate Program
  9. Todoist


    Commission Rate: 25% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Todoist is a simple place to keep your to-do list. Organize, plan, and collaborate on tasks and projects, both big and small.

    Join the Todoist Affiliate Program
  10. ClickFunnels


    Commission Rate: 40% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    ClickFunnels is a popular landing page builder, and they offer a 40% payout on all sales. They have a lot of different ads and courses you can promote.

    Join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  11. Wix


    Commission Rate: $100 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Wix is a popular website creator that offers different ways to build your site. Over 109 million people worldwide choose Wix to create their websites.

    Join the Wix Affiliate Program
  12. AppSumo


    Commission Rate: 5% - 100% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    AppSumo sells various software tools and apps to help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses and make money.

    Join the AppSumo Affiliate Program
  13. LastPass


    Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 45 Days

    LastPass allows for password management for businesses and individuals. As an affiliate, get 25% commission per sale with the help of 14-day cookies..

    Join the LastPass Affiliate Program
  14. Hubspot


    Commission Rate: $250 - $1,000 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    HubSpot's award-winning growth platform gives thousands of companies the tools they need to manage the customer experience.

    Join the Hubspot Affiliate Program
  15. Leadpages


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Leadpages helps business market with their top lead generation tools. As an affiliate, get a monthly 30% commission for anyone you refer.

    Join the Leadpages Affiliate Program
  16. Teachable


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Teachable allows people to create and sell their own online courses through their SaaS platform. Affiliates get a 30% commission that recurs monthly.

    Join the Teachable Affiliate Program
  17. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact

    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: 120 Days

    Constant Contact offers powerful email marketing tools for small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Aautomate email marketing campaigns and more!

    Join the Constant Contact Affiliate Program
  18. Podia


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Podia is committed to building the most creator-friendly tools to help you sell online courses, digital downloads, membership subscriptions, and more.

    Join the Podia Affiliate Program
  19. Weebly


    Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 120 Days

    Weebly provides a drag-and-drop website builder to help you build a website. Get a 30% commission rate on each sale and $80 and up for EPC.

    Join the Weebly Affiliate Program
  20. Zoom


    Commission Rate: Unknown

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Zoom is a name you've probably heard of. It's a popular video communication platform, allowing for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

    Join the Zoom Affiliate Program
  21. Blubrry


    Commission Rate: $40 Per Lead

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Blubrry has been helping thousands of podcasters with hosting, distribution, and statistics since 2005. Make $40 or more per lead!

    Join the Blubrry Affiliate Program
  22. Rewardful


    Commission Rate: 25% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Rewardful is a simple way for SaaS and subscription companies to setup affiliate and referral programs with Stripe.

    Join the Rewardful Affiliate Program
  23. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone

    Commission Rate: 7% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    With Rosetta Stone, you learn a foreign language by being shown an image of something and then the word associated with that image.

    Join the Rosetta Stone Affiliate Program
  24. Dropbox


    Commission Rate: 500 MB - 1 GB Per Lead

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Bring your team's content together.

    Join the Dropbox Affiliate Program
  25. Omnisend


    Commission Rate: 20% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Omnisend is a marketing automation platform tailor-made for eCommerce. It helps clients drive sales by utilizing email and SMS channels.

    Join the Omnisend Affiliate Program
  26. Mailchimp


    Commission Rate: $30 Per Referral (credit)

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together.

    Join the Mailchimp Affiliate Program

    Commission Rate: 30% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days is a reliable domain registrar, and web hosting company, providing solutions and technology to small- and medium-sized businesses.

    Join the Affiliate Program
  28. Evernote


    Commission Rate: 10% - 70% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Evernote is like a notebook that can be downloaded across all your devices. Any information will be uploaded to all of your devices automatically.

    Join the Evernote Affiliate Program
  29. GetResponse


    Commission Rate: 33% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 120 Days

    GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform to help grow your business. Get 33% recurring commission with cookies that last 120 days.

    Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program
  30. Webnode


    Commission Rate: $100 Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Webnode is a remarkably simple tool that lets you create a website for free with no technical skills needed.

    Join the Webnode Affiliate Program
  31. Typeform


    Commission Rate: 20% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Typeform offers conversational forms and surveys including contact forms, employee satisfaction surveys, and event lead capture forms.

    Join the Typeform Affiliate Program
  32. Thinkific


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

    Thinkific is a popular platform for hosting online courses. They offer affiliates 20% recurring commission with 90-day cookies.

    Join the Thinkific Affiliate Program

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