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How meta is this? We’re an affiliate marketing company offering an affiliate program.

That’s right! Whether you’re a happy customer of Lasso or simply a fan, we’d love to have you on board. All you need is an audience of folks who could benefit from Lasso’s affiliate marketing tools. You’ll earn a generous commission for every new customer you send our way.

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Commission Structure

For every new customer that signs up through your affiliate link, you’ll receive:

With three packages to choose from, affiliates have the opportunity to earn up to $299.90 per sale! Let’s do some quick math:

The only time you won’t get paid is if the customer refunds within their first month.

When you join as an affiliate, we’ll help you show your audience the value of Lasso, so you’re more likely to earn those higher commissions!

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How much can I earn with Lasso’s affiliate program?

Lasso customers choose from 3 monthly plans, with different rates depending on if they choose monthly or yearly billing. The lowest you can earn from 1 referral is $19.50, which would happen if your referral signed up but didn’t stick around after their first month. The most you can earn from 1 referral is $299.90, which would happen if your referral purchased the yearly subscription to our highest-priced plan. All payouts are in USD.

How and when will I get paid for my referrals? Payouts are made via PayPal ONLY.

At this time, you MUST have a PayPal account in order to get paid for your qualifying commissions. Commissions are paid on the 7th of every month for conversions that have passed the refund window by 3 days. For example, you will receive payment on December 7th for conversions that took place between October 4th – November 4th.

Where can I see my Lasso affiliate results and get my links?

Lasso uses Tapfiliate to run the affiliate program, so you will sign up for our program through the platform and log in there to see your reports, get new links, grab a banner, and more. Click here to apply, or if you’re an existing affiliate, please visit your dashboard here. Questions? reach out via [email protected].

Can I become a Lasso affiliate if I don’t have a website?

Perhaps! Our best affiliates use their websites to demonstrate the power of Lasso. However, we are open to working with vloggers and social influencers who want to share Lasso without a website, as long as you have a healthy number of posts that demonstrate we share a similar audience.

I’m not in the United States. Can I still be a Lasso affiliate?

Yes! Anyone around the world can use Lasso or become an affiliate. However, you can only be an affiliate if you have a Paypal account. If it’s not available in your Country we cannot work with you at this time.

Why did Lasso deny my affiliate application?

It’s a bummer when we can’t partner with certain affiliates. Here are the top reasons why we decline applications:

If you made a mistake on your application or feel your site should be reconsidered, we are happy to take a second look. Please email us at [email protected], and we will get back to you within 3 business days.

Will I still earn a commission if my referral cancels and gets a refund?

If a customer purchases any package but cancels and requests a refund, you will not earn a commission. This is rare, but it happens once in a while.

Can I use my own affiliate link to buy Lasso?

We do not allow self-referrals, meaning you can’t use your affiliate link to purchase Lasso to get cash back. In rare cases, we allow self-referrals on one-year subscriptions, but you must contact us first to discuss. Otherwise, the commission will be voided.

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