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The 8 Best Metaphysical Affiliate Programs of 2021

Does your blog touch on spirituality? Then you should check out the different metaphysical affiliate programs on our list.

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  1. Our Pick
    Barefoot Yoga
    14-Day Free Trial

    Barefoot Yoga sells yoga and meditation products. The affiliate program has a 10% commission rate and 60-day cookie window.

    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

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  2. Somavedic


    Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones.

    Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

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  3. Inner Talk

    Inner Talk

    The Inner Talk programs have been double-blind tested to prove they’re the most effective subliminal messaging programs available today.

    Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 90 Days

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  4. Manifestation Miracle

    Manifestation Miracle

    The Manifestation Miracle works with the same principles as the Law of Attraction, but using something called “destiny tuning” instead.

    Commission Rate: 75% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

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  5. BookRetreats


    With BookRetreats, discover the best handpicked yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Change the way you go on vacation!

    Commission Rate: 4% - 6% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 3 Months

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  6. YogaClub


    This is a subscription box service for yogis, which is a great idea considering how much money fans of yoga are willing to spend.

    Commission Rate: 15% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

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  7. YogaWorks


    YogaWorks offers curated yoga lessons streamed to wherever you are. Become a yogi, regardless of your lifestyle/working hours/location.

    Commission Rate: $50 Class Credit

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

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  8. DDP Yoga

    DDP Yoga

    Former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page created his yoga program to help him recover from over 40 years of wrestling injuries.

    Commission Rate: 10% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

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