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The 19 Best Influencer Affiliate Programs of 2023

Are you an influencer that wants to promote products and services you love? Then check out our list of the best influencer affiliate programs.

By Andrew Fiebert Updated September 25, 2023

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Why Choose a Influencer Affiliate Program?

Choosing the right affiliate program is an essential part of any winning affiliate marketing strategy.

Influencer affiliate programs are a great way for influencers to monetize their online presence and for brands to reach a wider audience. These programs offer a win-win situation for both parties involved.

There are several reasons why influencers should choose to participate in affiliate programs:

  • Increased revenue: Influencers have the opportunity to earn a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate links. This can significantly boost their income and provide a steady stream of passive income.
  • Alignment with audience: By partnering with brands that align with their niche and target audience, influencers can recommend products or services that their followers are more likely to be interested in. This enhances their credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Access to exclusive offers: Influencers often have access to exclusive discounts, promotions, or early access to new products or services. This gives them the opportunity to provide added value to their audience and can increase their engagement and follower loyalty.
  • Networking opportunities: Collaborating with brands through affiliate programs can lead to valuable networking opportunities. This can open doors to further partnerships, sponsored content, or even brand ambassadorships.
  • Flexible promotion methods: Influencers have the freedom to promote affiliate products or services in a way that suits their personal style and resonates with their audience. They can create unique and authentic content, such as reviews, tutorials, or recommendations, to promote the products effectively.

Overall, influencer affiliate programs provide a mutually beneficial partnership between influencers and brands, offering a way to monetize influence while providing value to their audience.

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How We Picked the Best Influencer Affiliate Programs

Commission Structure

We analyze each program's commission structure to evaluate how lucrative the program will be for our readers.

Product Quality

Before we recommend a program, we ensure the product offerings are high-quality and trustworthy.

Brand Reputation

We give extra weight to brands with stellar reputations for taking care of their affiliates.

Payout Terms

Different programs have different payout thresholds and frequencies that we considered when writing our list.

Top 19 Influencer Affiliate Programs in 2023

  1. CJ Affiliate

    CJ Affiliate

    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: Varies

    CJ Affiliate homepage

    CJ Affiliate is the top choice for global performance marketing, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing technology and services.

    With varying commission rates, you have the potential to earn even more than expected.

    The cookie duration also varies, giving you flexibility in tracking and earning potential.

    Join the CJ Affiliate Affiliate Program
  2. Amazon Associates

    Amazon Associates

    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

    Amazon Associates homepage

    Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs out there. It's perfect for beginners looking to get started. The commission rate varies, so you have the potential to earn a good amount. Plus, the cookie duration is 24 hours, giving you plenty of time to earn those commissions.

    Amazon Associates offers a wide range of products to promote, from electronics to clothing to books. Some of their most popular products include the Amazon Echo, Kindle e-readers, and fashion items. With such a diverse selection, you can find something that appeals to your audience and start earning commissions right away.

    Join the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  3. Awin


    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: Varies

    Awin homepage

    Awin is an amazing affiliate program that is based in Europe but has expanded to include hundreds of US and global brands.

    With Awin, the commission rate and cookie duration vary, which allows for flexibility and potential for higher earnings.

    Join the Awin Affiliate Program
  4. Rakuten Advertising

    Rakuten Advertising

    Commission Rate: 3% - 7% Per Sale

    Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

    Rakuten Advertising homepage

    Rakuten Advertising is the go-to choice for brands and agencies worldwide.

    With commission rates ranging from 3% to 7% per sale, you can maximize your earnings.

    Plus, their cookie duration lasts for 24 hours, giving you ample time to earn your commission.

    Choose Rakuten Advertising for unparalleled expertise and distinctive marketing solutions.

    Join the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Program
  5. eBay Partner Network

    eBay Partner Network

    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

    eBay is among the world’s biggest and most popular eCommerce websites. The products on eBay are sold through auction.

    Join the eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program
  6. Mailchimp


    Commission Rate: $30 Per Referral (credit)

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together.

    Join the Mailchimp Affiliate Program
  7. VCM_Supersavvyme


    Commission Rate: $ 2.11 Per Order

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    SuperSavvyMe is an online community that helps you get more out of life by testing out new products and sharing honest reviews.

    Join the VCM_Supersavvyme Affiliate Program
  8. MailerLite


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

    With MailerLite, create advanced email marketing campaigns with features like automation, landing pages, and surveys.

    Join the MailerLite Affiliate Program
  9. Pretty Links

    Pretty Links

    Commission Rate: 25% Per Lead

    Cookie Duration: 60 Days

    Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin URL shortener generator that allows you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, and test all your links.

    Join the Pretty Links Affiliate Program
  10. ClickBank


    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: Varies

    ClickBank is a hub for the world’s best marketers and most innovative product owners to build businesses that matter.

    Join the ClickBank Affiliate Program
  11. Qoob


    Commission Rate: 50% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Qoob is a multi-platform desktop application that allows you to download Instagram profiles, including private ones.

    Join the Qoob Affiliate Program
  12. Kajabi


    Commission Rate: 30% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: 30 Days

    Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that lets users create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website.

    Join the Kajabi Affiliate Program
  13. Refersion Marketplace

    Refersion Marketplace

    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: Varies

    Refersion Marketplace makes it easy to find and apply to new affiliate programs, get approved, and start promoting and earning commissions.

    Join the Refersion Marketplace Affiliate Program
  14. OSI Affiliate Partner

    OSI Affiliate Partner

    Commission Rate: 20% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    The easy-to-use recruiting affiliate software also has a referral program of its own. Refer businesses and earn a 20% recurring commission.

    Join the OSI Affiliate Partner Affiliate Program
  15. NinjaOutreach


    Commission Rate: 50% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    NinjaOutreach is a prospecting tool that helps marketers create and manage outbound email campaigns for their businesses.

    Join the NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program
  16. Voluum


    Commission Rate: 20% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    With Voluum, control all your ad campaigns from one ad tracker. It has an app for monitoring your campaigns with push notifications.

    Join the Voluum Affiliate Program
  17. Tapfiliate


    Commission Rate: 20% Recurring

    Cookie Duration: Unknown

    Tapfiliate is software for tracking affiliate and referral programs. Get up to 6 months of recurring commission with each sign up you refer.

    Join the Tapfiliate Affiliate Program
  18. Sivan Social

    Sivan Social

    Commission Rate: Varies

    Cookie Duration: 30 - 45 Days

    Sivan Social aims to provide influencers in all niches with sponsored opportunities and affiliate tools to monetize their content.

    Join the Sivan Social Affiliate Program

How We Selected the Best Influencer Affiliate Programs

Criteria for Our Selection

When compiling our list of the 19 best influencer affiliate programs, we considered a range of factors to ensure we provided a comprehensive and fair evaluation. Our goal was to help you make the best possible choice for your affiliate marketing needs. Here's a closer look at our selection criteria:

  • Commission Structure: The first thing we looked at was the commission structure. We aimed to include programs that offer competitive and fair commission rates. Some offer a flat fee per sale, while others provide a percentage of the sale value. A few even provide recurring commissions, giving affiliates a share of the ongoing subscription revenue.
  • Product Quality: The quality of the influencer itself is critical. After all, it's much easier to sell a product that you believe in and that offers real value to its users. We looked for programs offering high-quality, reputable influencer products.
  • Brand Reputation: The reputation of the brand is also important. Well-known and respected brands can be easier to sell, and customers are often more comfortable buying from them.
  • Payout Terms: We considered the payout terms, including the minimum payout threshold and the frequency of payments. Programs that pay out more frequently and have lower payout thresholds are generally more attractive to affiliates.

By considering these factors, we've been able to provide you with a list of influencer affiliate programs that are not only profitable but also fair, reputable, and supportive of their affiliates.

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