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Can I Use Amazon Product Images on My Affiliate Website?

Can I use Amazon product images on my affiliate website? Here's how to stay compliant and boost your click-through rates.

Gene Schleeter March 7, 2023
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If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know that product images are the best way to showcase what you’re promoting and give your readers a visual representation of what they’re buying. But can you use Amazon product images on your affiliate website?

First, you’re absolutely allowed to use Amazon product images on your website. In fact, I recommend it as the number one way to improve your affiliate referrals. There are just a few specifics to keep in mind.

In this article, I’ll tell you the rules about adding Amazon images to your website and why some bloggers mistakenly think it’s not allowed. I’ll also show you how to use images to generate more sales.

So, if you’re ready to take your Amazon affiliate website to new heights, keep reading!

Can You Use Amazon Product Images on an Affiliate Website?

The short answer is yes, you can use Amazon product images on your affiliate website.

As long as you’re an Amazon Associate and you follow their terms of service, you’re free to use the images on your site.

However, it’s important to note that you can’t just copy and paste the images from Amazon’s website. Instead, you’ll need to use Amazon’s API or SiteStripe to get the images and use them on your site.

The Rules of the Game: Amazon’s Terms of Service for Images

Before you start using Amazon product images on your site, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s terms of service for images.

According to Amazon’s Operating Agreement, you can use the images for the sole purpose of promoting the products and services offered on Amazon’s website.

Additionally, you can’t modify the images or use them in any way that implies a sponsorship or endorsement by Amazon. (For example, you can’t add “Amazon’s Favorite” to a picture of an office chair, even if it is the best-selling chair on the site.)

Why Is Amazon So Strict With Product Images?

The reason Amazon may come off as overly strict when it comes to images is they don’t want any of their customers to feel misled.

If Amazon let you just copy and paste images or use whatever product image you like, you could show a luxury product, link to something cheaper, and trick your readers to make a quick buck.

Now, I hope most affiliates care more about their audience than that, but Amazon needs to be careful.

By requiring you to link to a product image with their API, they have total control over when that image changes. So if the product gets a new design, your audience will see it right away.

How to Add Amazon Product Images to Your Site

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Amazon’s terms of service, it’s time to start adding product images to your site.

There are multiple ways to do this, with SiteStripe being the most popular.

Add Amazon Images With SiteStripe

SiteStripe is a tool available to Amazon Associates that allows you to get product links and images directly from the product’s Amazon sales page.

To use SiteStripe, you’ll need to sign up for the Amazon Associates program if you haven’t already.

Amazon Associates Settings Page SiteStripe

Once you have an Amazon Associates account, navigate your account settings. Then click on “Associates SiteStripe Options.”

Amazon Associates SiteStripe display settings page

On that page, enable “Display Status.” Now SiteStripe will appear when you visit Amazon product pages.

To get product images, you simply click on the “Image” link in the “Get Link” section of SiteStripe. Make sure you are using the correct tracking ID, and SiteStripe will generate the appropriate HTML image link.

Using Amazon SiteStripe example

Now you can paste that HTML code anywhere in your blog posts, and you’ll have compliant Amazon product images.

While SiteStripe is the easiest way to add Amazon product images to your niche blog, it’s also messy. The images are difficult to format, and you don’t have a great overview of how your images are performing.

That’s why it’s preferable to use a WordPress plugin, along with the Product Advertising API (PAAPI) to get your images.

And if you’re going to use an affiliate plugin with Amazon, Lasso is your best choice.

Add Amazon Images With Lasso

Using Lasso is the easiest way to add Amazon product images to your website and make sure you’re staying compliant.

To add Amazon product images to your website with Lasso, once you’ve signed up, simply copy the Amazon product URL and paste it into your Lasso dashboard. Then, Lasso will automatically source the Amazon image, title, and price.

TIP: You can add your API keys to Lasso to make it faster, but you don’t need to. We have our own API you can use.

If all you’re looking for is the product image, you can go to your blog post, insert a Lasso block, select an Image display type, and select your product.

Insert Amazon images using Lasso image Displays

You can also use Lasso to create more engaging product Displays, with descriptions, titles, prices, pros and cons, and more!

The best part is Lasso will track all your link locations across your website. If you ever need to make a change or swap out a product, you can do it once in your dashboard. Lasso will update the link across your entire website.

If you want an easy way to add Amazon product images to your blog and keep track of everything, Lasso is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Other Options for Affiliate Product Images

Either using SiteStripe, Lasso, or a similar tool using the PAAPI are the best ways to add images for Amazon products to your affiliate site.

You can also purchase the products you recommend and take your own images. This is what Google would prefer all product reviewers do, and it helps SEO.

However, it’s technically against Amazon’s TOS to link your images to their pages, so adding Amazon affiliate links to your own images wouldn’t comply with their rules.

You can also choose to add Amazon link URLs to your site or download and upload the images directly. Both of these methods are against the rules and could get your account banned.

I highly recommend you use one of the approved methods instead.

Amazon Affiliate Product Image FAQs

Can I use any Amazon product image on my niche site?

No, you can only use the product images that Amazon makes available through their API or SiteStripe feature. Using other images from Amazon’s website is a violation of their terms of service and could result in the termination of your Amazon affiliate account.

Can You Use Amazon Photos for Affiliate Links?

According to Amazon’s terms of service, you can only use the product images for the purpose of promoting the products and services offered on Amazon’s website. So you can add a link to an image as long as you get the image through SiteStripe or the PAAPI.

You cannot use Amazon photos to link to any other affiliate program or retailer but Amazon.

How do I get product images from Amazon’s website?

You can get product images from Amazon’s website by using their API or SiteStripe feature. Once you’re an Amazon affiliate program member, you’ll be able to access these features and get the product images you need.

Can Affiliates modify Amazon product images?

No, according to Amazon’s terms of service, affiliates cannot modify the product images in any way. You can only use them as they are provided by Amazon.

The one exception to this rule is growing or shrinking the images, but you have to scale them with the same proportions as the original image.

Do I need to disclose that I’m using Amazon product images on my site?

You don’t technically need to disclose that you’re using Amazon’s images, but you have to disclose that you’re monetizing with affiliate links. This is required by the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for affiliate marketing.

You can do this by adding affiliate disclosures to your site near your sponsored links. (Lasso adds disclosures to your Displays automatically.)

Can I use Amazon product images on my e-commerce site?

Yes, you can use Amazon product photos and affiliate links to supplement your income on your e-commerce site.

Just make sure that you’re using them for the sole purpose of promoting the products offered on Amazon’s website and not confusing people with your own products.

Can I use Amazon product images on my YouTube channel?

Yes, you can use Amazon product images on your YouTube channel as long as you follow the rest of their rules, which can get complicated for YouTube and other social media platforms.

My advice to you here is to reach ou to their support and ask for written permission to use their images in your videos. Once you have that, you’re good to go.

It’s also important to disclose that you’re using Amazon product images in your YouTube video and the video description. Make sure your audience knows you have a financial incentive to create positive product reviews.

What should I do if Amazon changes its terms of service for images?

It’s important to stay on top of Amazon Associates TOS changes to make sure that you’re in compliance with the new rules.

You should also consider reaching out to Amazon’s customer service team or a legal expert if there’s anything you’re not sure about.

Of course, if you use Lasso, you can rest easy. We have a dedicated team of affiliate marketers that make sure we’re compliant with the latest Amazon rules and guidelines.

Can You Use Amazon Product Images on Your Affiliate Website – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can use Amazon product images on your affiliate website as long as you follow Amazon’s terms of service.

Make sure that you’re a member of the Amazon Associates program, and use either SiteStripe or a third-party tool like Lasso to get the images.

And don’t forget to mix things up by using images from other sources too. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to create engaging and profitable affiliate content that your readers will love. Happy promoting!

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