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performance revenue dashboard

All Your Revenue Data In One Place

Performance aggregates data from all your affiliate networks into one analytics dashboard.

This way, you can instantly see which products are driving your site’s income and which are holding you back.

Lasso Performance Revenue Email

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Progress Emails

See your site’s key data in a succinct email each morning. 

Spend less time searching for information and more time optimizing your content.

Performance advertiser drilldown report

Actionable Reports Without the Fluff

Most analytics platforms waste your time with torturous amounts of numbers that don’t affect your business.

Performance is designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Everything we track has a direct effect on your website’s income.

Performance network integration modal

Integrate With the Top Affiliate Networks

Performance is ready to integrate your revenue data from affiliate networks like Amazon, CJ, Impact, and Shareasale on day one.

Use a network we don’t support yet? Simply request an integration and our team will work to add the network ASAP.

Successful Site Builders Love Peformance

Shawna Newman

Shawna Newman

Prolific niche site entrepreneur, and founder of Skipblast.

"I think my favorite thing about this new affiliate link monitor is that it is so freaking cheap to use!

I also like the extra insights you get from having all of your affiliate revenue streams in one dashboard.

Niche Site lady

Niche Site Lady

Travel blogger and Twitter sensation with over 47,000 followers.

"What I love is that you get a daily email. It's a nice little dopamine hit every morning to see the figure!

Having Amazon data included is a game-changer!"

Jason Mills

Jason Mills

Founder of The Affiliate School and successful affiliate marketer earning over $40k per month.

"I genuinely love this product. It's something I've always wanted.

As I value my time at around $400 per hour - the tool has probably saved me $2800 of time per month!"


Rated 4.8 out of 5

Get Started In Minutes

All you need to do to get next-level affiliate insights with Performance is sign up, connect your affiliate network accounts, and give it 24 hours. Performance will start aggregating data and notify you when it’s ready.

No CSVs, no manual imports. Let Performance do the hard work for you.

Sign up today to get up to $1k/month tracked for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Performance by Lasso is an affiliate marketing analytics tool that collates all your affiliate earnings in one dashboard. It also shows you which of your pages and links earn you the most money, surfacing the key insights you need make data-driven decisions and earn even more money.
Performance saves you time manually checking all your affiliate networks every day. It helps identify which pages or products on your website earn the most revenue, the highest EPC, or the best clickthrough rate. Then, you can use that information to make changes that increase your affiliate revenue.
Performance works with the largest affiliate networks in the world, including Amazon, CJ, Impact, Shareasale, Awin, and more. If we’re missing a network integration you need, simply request it, and we’ll build it for you!

You can see the full list of integrations here.
Yes! Performance is the only platform that seamlessly adds Amazon data to your dashboard. Other options require you to download and upload CSV files, but none of that is necessary with Performance!
Yes, we have a video demo of Performance available here.
Performance is free to everyone for tracking up to $1,000 in affiliate commissions per month. It’s $19/month for tracking between $1,000 and $5,000 and just $3 per additional $1,000 of revenue tracked after that.

Click here to see the price based on your affiliate revenue.
While there isn’t a traditional “free trial” with Performance, you won’t be billed for tracked revenue until the last day of the month. If you cancel any time before that, you won’t be billed.
Performance works with any platform, including WordPress, Webflow, or any other CMS.

Performance integrates with your affiliate accounts, so it works independently of any CMS or website platform.
Performance is a web app and will have no impact on your site’s speed whatsoever.
Your Performance data is contained within your Lasso admin dashboard and your daily/weekly/monthly update emails. Your writers will only see your data if you give them access to it.
Performance is an entirely independent analytics platform that can run alongside Google Analytics or entirely without it - your choice!

While Google Analytics can provide you with limited information about your landing page views and clicks, Performance has direct access to your revenue information. This allows us to provide you with the most actionable insights for how to improve your business.
While Performance works best with the plugin, you don’t need to use the plugin to get access to Performance. However, it should be noted that without the Lasso plugin, you won’t be able to see certain data down to the Display and Link levels.

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