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Lasso lets you import links from other affiliate plugins. You can choose either bulk import or try importing one link at a time.

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Import your SiteStripe links and images instantly with Lasso

Update Your Amazon SiteStripe Assets

Amazon SiteStripe is going away at the end of 2023. If you still have SiteStripe links and images, they’re about to break.

Don’t worry! You can import all of those assets into Lasso, the same as any other affiliate plugin link.

Upgrade your links and displays, and make sure your site keeps earning money.

Upgrade Affiliate Links

Give Your Affiliate Links a Facelift

Replace old text links with eye-catching displays that’ll increase your CTR. Plus, every link imported into Lasso can be managed and updated from a single page.

Imported Plugins May 2020

Import from Any Plugin

Lasso imports links from the most popular WordPress affiliate marketing plugins, including Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, AAWP, and Simple URLs in under 5 minutes for most sites.

Import from Affiliate Link Management Plugins

You Won't Lose A Thing

You can import one link at a time to see if Lasso is a good fit. If we’re not, revert those links back to your old plugin, and they’ll return to their original state.

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