Thinking of Using Affilimate to Track Affiliate Revenue?

Performance does everything Affilimate does and more at a much better price!

Better Tracking at a Reasonable Price

Select your monthly affiliate revenue and see how much you will save with Performance.


  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Automatic Amazon Data
  • Streamlined Reports


  • Websites Limited By Plan
  • Pageviews Limited By Plan
  • Manual Amazon Data
  • Confusing Reports

Why Affilimate Customers Are Switching to Performance

Auto Amazon Data

Performance is the only analytics platform that automatically imports your Amazon Associates data. No spreadsheets required.

Numbers That Matter

Affilimate gives you a lot of numbers that have no impact on your business.
Performance shows you the data you need without the fluff.

Revenue Emails

Get emails daily, weekly, and monthly with a rundown of all your sites’ income. You can make sure everything looks good and get back to your day.

Automatic Amazon Data
Consolidated Affiliate Revenue Data
Reporting by Network
Reporting by Advertiser
Reporting by Page
Reporting by Link
Click Data
Pageview Data
Accurate EPC Reporting
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Integrations
Historical Data
Free Plan Available
Scalable Pricing
Industry Leading Support

It's Your Data. Harness It to Grow Your Business

Simple, Readable Reports

Performance reports are simple, sleek, and easy to understand. See the data you need, without confusing charts and diagrams.

Actionable Data That Will Help Your Business

Use important metrics like clicks, EPC, and revenue to compare networks, advertisers, pages, and even individual products.

Automated Data From All Your Affiliate Networks

Performance imports data from the biggest affiliate networks in the world, so you aren't responsible for tracking down your revenue information.

Performance Vs. Affilimate | FAQs

Does Affilimate Have a Free Trial?

Affilimate offers a 15-day free trial. After the free trial, their cheapest tier is $99/month.

Performance is always free to track up to $1,000/month in affiliate revenue, and is much cheaper than Affilimate after that.

Is Affilimate Worth It?

Tracking your affiliate revenue can have a major impact on your business, and is definitely worth it. However, since Performance is a much cheaper option, Affilimate isn’t really worth it.

Does Affilimate Work With Amazon

Affilimate allows you to track you Amazon revenue data, but requires you to download your data in spreadsheets and upload it to their platform.

Performance is the only analytics platform that automatically imports Amazon reenue data. No spreadsheets required!

Does Performance Require the Lasso Plugin?

Performance is a web app that works independently of the Lasso Plugin. While we recommend the Plugin, it’s not required for Performance..

Is Performance Included With the Lasso Plugin?

Performance is a completely separate product from the Plugin, so it’s not included.

Our Affilimate Review: There’s a Better, More Affordable Option

Save money while still seeing all the data you need to grow your business. Track your revenue with Performance

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