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Conversion Optimization

  • Optimized Affiliate Product Displays
  • Comparison Tables
  • Easy Amazon Integration
  • Product Data from Popular Brands
  • Grids
  • Lists
  • Supports Multiple Amazon Tracking IDs
  • Custom Settings to Match Your Brand
  • Multiple Display Themes to Choose From
  • Multiple CTA Buttons
  • Product Images
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Works With Any Affiliate Program
  • Pros & Cons and Custom Fields
  • Amazon Prime Indicator Badge

Link Management

  • Broken Link Alerts
  • Link Management Dashboard
  • Edit Product Details and Links
  • Link Cloaking
  • Branded Redirection
  • Custom Permalinks
  • Product Groups
  • Link by Keyword
  • Link Locations
  • Out-of-stock Alerts
  • Easy Import From Legacy Tools
  • Amazon SiteStripe Import

Affiliate Analytics

  • Consolidated Revenue Data
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Email Updates
  • CSV Export of Revenue Data
  • SiteID support for YouTube and Social links
  • No CSV or Manual Data Import Required
  • Automated Amazon Revenue Data
  • SubID Reports
  • YouTube Video-level Conversion Tracking
  • Click and View Data
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Compare Metrics for Sites, Pages, and Links
  • Author Reports
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Up to $1k in Affiliate Revenue Tracked/Month Free

Business Management

  • Amazon Tracking ID Manager
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Build Links From the Post Editor
  • Native Product Review Schema
  • Sponsored, Nofollow, and New Window Link Settings
  • Customizable Affiliate Disclosures

Industry-Leading Support

  • Done-for-you CSS Free With Advanced Plans
  • 14-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Frequent Updates

Affiliate Table FAQs

Why Should I Add Comparison Tables to Affiliate Content?

Not only do comparison tables give your readers more opportunities to click on your affiliate links and make purchases, they also provide more information. Users will spend more time on your page, which could provide an SEO benefit.

How Do I Create Affiliate Marketing Tables in WordPress

There are multiple ways to create comparison tables. You could build them with HTML, use Gutenberg blocks, or use a premium plugin like Lasso.

The benefit of using a plugin like Lasso is it's faster, and it helps you keep track of your links after you hit "publish."

How Can I Optimize Affiliate Tables for More Conversions?

The best way to optimize your affiliate tables is to focus on providing information about the buying points for that product type. Great product images and contrasting CTA buttons will also make a big difference.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Table WordPress Plugin?

Obviously, the plugin you choose should include stunning product tables which are already optimized to convert. A great plugin, like Lasso, will also include other display types, link management features, and more.

What Is the Best Affiliate Table Plugin for WordPress?

If you're an affiliate marketer, then this is a no-brainer. Lasso is the best affiliate table plugin for WordPress.

Not only does Lasso offer the best tables in the industry, which are proven to convert, but it includes other product displays, a link management dashboard, broken link alerts, revenue analytics, and more.

No other tool comes close to offering a total solution for affiliate marketers the way Lasso does.

Capture the full value of your existing links.

Use Lasso product displays and automations to earn more with your blog.

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